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Yes, Phred has become aware of non-religious comics, so of course he is picketing Comic-Con.

Damn, now I really wish I were going to Comic-con. I’d love to see Phelps vs. Batman.

I wonder what Phred thinks about Chick.

I’m a big nerd, so I know quite a few people who are going to Comic Con.

They all seem amused by this news, and are coming up with appropriately ridiculous slogans for their counterprotest signs.

I’ll bet Jack accidentally quoted the NKJV instead of KJV in a comic back in the 70s or something and now he is destined for hell according to Freddie.

I’d almost be willing to give odds that ol’ Phred would get one look at the Caped Crusader’s pecs, fall into a swoon, and (finally) come out.

(The brain bleaching concession is down the hall and to the right.)

Does the old fucker himself still go to protests, or does he just send out the minions because he can’t lug his O2 tank around?

This has the potential for all kinds of awesomeness.

These folks are really stretching now, it takes away from the humor of it. Kinda sad, sort of like when a favorite comedian starts to suck.

Dennis Miller is going to Comic-Con?

Yeah, but it’s nice to see them going somewhere where they’ll be welcome for a change.

I think the best thing that could happen would be for the cosplayers to all gather around the Phreddites chanting “One of us! One of us!” and welcoming them with open arms.

Yes, I think the Cthulu crowd could have lots of fun with Fred. Lets see how his crowd deals with a very friendly 300 pound woman dressed in only fishnet body stocking and two pieces of duct tape. Who’s a hugger.

Apparently they like counter-protests, because then they can sue for harrassment, which is basically how they keep their church afloat. Obviously Comic-Con-goers aren’t going to be convinced by my board post to ignore Phelps&co, but unfortunately not ignoring them could be bad news for the con financially.

He rarely shows in public anymore. It is mostly his [del]minions[/del]children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. At least they haven’t been to my church in weeks.

That’s been tried. You don’t want to get too close, or they get agressive. I once saw where some folks at a church they were picketing came to their picket line and offered them doughnuts. One of the Phreddites asked “Are those the ones infected with the AIDS virus?” The reply was a bemused “I don’t think so.”

A lot of the time the WBC saws they will picket, get folks worked up, then don’t show. This way they don’t have to travel. And then they still count it as on of their pickets. So when, on their website, the number of pickets they’ve done over twenty years is listed, one has to take that with a very large grain of salt.

Yeah, I figured they’d have contingency plans for that sort of reaction. Too bad – it’s a fun image.

Checks to see if RKMilholland ( is going to Comic-Con

Eagerly anticipates vituperative but awesomely funny comic :smiley:


Yeah–I was thinking of getting the entire Hall of Justice out there with straight-up Phelpsian signs. Let the only mockery be the latex nipples.

I’m overweight, but I don’t weigh that much. However, I’m willing to travel and get into a body stocking and hug for a good cause. Should I wear a rainbow wig, too? I wonder if it’s too early in the year to get a Bride of Frankenstein wig?

So fans of one piece of fiction are assembling to oppose a gathering of fans of other pieces of fiction.

Oh the hypocrisy. :smiley: