Phychology online reference needed

i’m in a debate on another message board (inspired by this pete towsend stuff) and am currently looking for a few reputable/definitive psychology sites that will settle on of the points of contention in the debate…

essentially i’m of the opinion that sexual attraction to prepubescent children is categorically (or very nearly so) a mental disorder.

I’ve found cites that sexual activity with prepubescent children is a mental disorder, but nothing on sexual attraction to them.

any psychology types got any links that will either confirm or refute my position?

nb: i googled but got a lot of vague stuff, and just an assurance that i’m 26 and not tryingot get the board to do my homework. it really is for a debate on another board.

thanks in advance.

If you treat the DSM-IV as definitive, then it looks like you are correct (e.g.,

Note that in earlier versions of the DSM, homosexuality was defined as a mental disorder. Make of that what you will…

I’ve heard the argument made (in reputable journal) that not only is attraction to prepubescent girls not a disorder, it is the basis of the fashion model industry. The physique of your average model (many of whom actually are young teens) generally shows little hip or breast development. The argument goes that we find the models (and by extension the clothing) alluring - both as males and females - because we find that figure innately attractive. At the same time, socially we know the idea is repulsive, thus we deny the attraction. I believe the article made reference to Jon Benet Ramsey and the child model phenomenon.

Unfortunately I’ve no cite for this.

An online Phychology reference ?
Here you go ! :wink:

Except that only women typically find the boobless, hipless look attractive.

Generally, when polled, men will select a larger, more averagely proportioned body (Think size 8-10, rather than 2-4) as the most attractive.

And I do have a cite for this, if I can just find the freekin’ journal around here…

Regarding attraction to pre-pubescents, it is, in fact, disordered. However, it’s only when one acts on such attractions that it becomes pathological (and illegal, for that matter).

thanks for your replies guys…

they confirmed what i thought. and now i have some good bookmarked psych references.