physical attraction and your eyes

When someone is attracted to you or vice versa, do their eyes become dialated? The person is completely sober, not on E but if they are looking at you in the eyes and their pupils are bigger than usual does that mean something? Any correlation btw digging the person and the size of their pupils?

Yes. Dilated pupils, for instance, suggest friendliness, warmth, interest, and attractiveness – constriction suggests coldness, selfishness, and boredom.

From this article.

There’s your answer, cherry. Now, is that good news or bad news. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh thanks, I should have done a google search first before asking. It’s news to me, not good not bad, my friend mentioned it to me when she was observing him talking and was the first time I had heard about your eyes dialating and I wanted to verify if that was true. Thankyou.

In the book Lila by Robert M. Pirsig, he tells how the first time he met the woman that the story is about, he saw a radiance glowing around her. Using a traditional Buddhist term, he called it the “Dharmakaya light.” Later he went into a long discussion about the origin of the halo in Buddhist and Christian art, and what it represents, how it is an attempt to depict this optical phenomenon. He offered the rationalist explanation for the Dharmakaya light as the pupil dilation when you look upon someone who is highly significant to you.

At the point when Pirsig first met Lila, he didn’t know she was going to become the central person in his life for the next several weeks. But at some level within him, he knew. The phenomenon of the halo or Dharmakaya light he saw around her was an involuntary response of his pupils from his unconscious trying to tell him something.

This halo doesn’t appear around just the object of your attention, but around everything else in your field of view. The world “fades away”, and becomes kinda indistinct.
It’s just chemicals, you see. :wink:

dharmakaya means halo?

in any case I doubt I was ‘significant’ to this person, but its all very interesting next time I’ll check out the pupils.

We need a proper Buddhist to explain this… but I looked it up in A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit Terms Defined in English by John Grimes, which I just happened to have on my shelf.

Why the halo or aureole sort of light seen around a significant person is named after this ultimate Buddha reality, I have no idea. I don’t remember Pirsig explaining the use of the term, either. All I know is that Buddhist art shows the aureole around bodhisattvas to signify their Buddha nature.