Physical strength, sex drive, and the mentally handicapped.

I’ve heard two things about the mentally handicapped that I found odd.

A. That they have a higher sex drive.

B. They are stronger. This one special ed teacher even used the term “tard strength”.

Is any of this true? If so, why?

I doubt either of those is true, especially the second. If mentally handicapped persons seem any stronger (and that is probably rare), it would mostly be because they may lack the judgment to restrain themselves from doing that that might be injurious to themselves to others. Likewise, if they seem more sexually driven, it would most likely be from poor judgment, not any intrinsic higher libido.

No cites; this information came out of my ass.

I agree with Skald’s ass, and not for the first time.


I have noticed people that use the term “tard” are usually not a stellar source of accurate information. Ymmv.

The concept of ‘tard strength’ is wonderfully politically incorrect. I think that it may have to become part of my lexicon.

I urge anyone else, before posting in this thread, to do something I did not do before posting: read the OP’s name.

Is this the same concept as blind people having better hearing? The body compensates for one problem by…

It’s absolutely true, OP. I once used a moving company staffed exclusively by workers with Down syndrome. Not only did they bound up stairs three at a time while carrying a couch in each hand, afterward they threw me down on the bearskin rug and gave me a night I’ll never forget. Then we all went out for ice cream cones.

Hmmm ice cream…

No, just the cones.

Actually, according to the Wikipedia article on Down Syndrome, one of the typical hallmarks of DS is poor muscle tone, which would lead one to expect less strength compared to an average person of similar size.

Damn you, I’m laughing in spite of myself.

Regular or waffle cones?



Retarded and other mentally handicapped people people are not stronger than others. In fact, they are typically weaker, because developmental problems often include difficulties with muscle control and lead to sedentary lifestyles.

As well as cardiac anomilies.


Some profoundly retarded people that engage in repetitive motions all day are remarkably strong and are not inhibited in using their strength in flailing around. The issue is not that they are super strong, but that they are stronger than you expect them to be in such a compromised state.

It was worth reading the thread just for this. :smiley:

I don’t get it.