Physical Tests for Drivers' Licenses

Well, it just happened to me again for about the third time in four weeks, so if this has come up before, I apologize.

What’s everyone’s general opinion of the idea of physically testing drivers to get renewal past the age of – well, you suggest. Today, I made a left turn into the center right lane of a four lane street, only to see some old fart who apparently couldn’t see more than a few feet beyond the end of the his car’s hood barreling down on me; thank God the right lane was open, because the old man didn’t hit his brakes until he was so close he would have slid into my front end.

The thing that occurs to me is this – if we institute testing for people like this, and they reach a point where they fail the test, then – having once been mobile, and now being transport-challenged, as it were – does that mean they’d be able to obtain a disability entitlement for cut-rate taxis, etc.? I know, I know, there are already discounts for ‘senior citizens’ on most public transportation, but what if the person is used to having their own private transportation?

Hmm… this has the makings of a Great Debate.
David? Incoming!

Here is AZ, old people cause all the accidents. It’s not the hot-shot teens, or anybody else. It’s those old folks who can’t even drive down side streets, much less the expressway.

I would see no problem in taking away the liscenses of these inept drivers, and giving them some sort of discount. It would seriously cut down on all the accidents (especially here in AZ), be much more friendly to the environment, since there’d be far less cars on the road, and more people using public transportation.

I’m not sure how it works exactly, but car insurance is very high here in AZ because of all the old drivers, and the accidents they cause. If they were forced to use public transporation, wouldn’t that also lower our insurance costs?

I think you’re on to something here DIF. Of course, there has to be a down side to this. I doubt that a person who’s been driving their whole lives will want to hop on the bus every day to go everywhere. Perhaps it’s a no win situation.


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Maybe hunters should have to pass an eye exam before being issued a hunting license.

“I’m sorry sir, that was a cow, not a deer. You have failed the test.”

This is absolutely true – it really happened and if you want proof, e-mail me and I’ll give you the guy’s name.

We bought a great car in the late 80’s (a 69 Pontiac with only 39,000 original miles).

The owner was 94 years old and his son (or grandson) had urged him to give up driving after he creamed a fender leaving his driveway.

Just a few weeks later, we read in the paper that the old fella was out walking and was struck and killed by a car.

If he had been allowed to keep his car – well, he probably would have died soon anyway, but we thought it was kind ironic.

As for physical tests – well, you’re getting into personal freedom issues here, and there’s nothing that says freedom like being able to get in your car and go. Ask any 16 year old. Or a 94 year old.

What really ticks me off are people who never bothered to learn to drive and expect friends and relatives to chauffeur them everywhere. And then tell them how to drive.

My dad told me that in Indiana, when we lived there, you had to take a driving test every time you got your license renewed. Is it still like that, Hoosiers?

It may have just been the written test, but even that would be good. It never fails to amaze me the amount of problems drivers cause, just because they don’t know what they’re doing.

My pet peeve (for instance) is coming to a 4-way stop, and someone who was there first waits for me to go, and finally waves me through. Fer cryin’ out loud, JUST GO DAMMIT! It’s a whole lot better to do what you’re expected to do, than sit there trying to be polite or generous.

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DIF, after the AARP reads this thread and sends the Blue Hair Mafia to his house. :slight_smile:

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