Physical Tests for Drivers' Licenses

Well, it just happened to me again for about the third time in four weeks, so if this has come up before, I apologize.

What’s everyone’s general opinion of the idea of physically testing drivers to get renewal past the age of – well, you suggest. Today, I made a left turn into the center right lane of a four lane street, only to see some old fart who apparently couldn’t see more than a few feet beyond the end of the his car’s hood barreling down on me; thank God the right lane was open, because the old man didn’t hit his brakes until he was so close he would have slid into my front end.

The thing that occurs to me is this – if we institute testing for people like this, and they reach a point where they fail the test, then – having once been mobile, and now being transport-challenged, as it were – does that mean they’d be able to obtain a disability entitlement for cut-rate taxis, etc.? I know, I know, there are already discounts for ‘senior citizens’ on most public transportation, but what if the person is used to having their own private transportation?

Hmm… this has the makings of a Great Debate.
David? Incoming!