Pi has enemies.


This thread will go on forever and never repeat itself, but seem to be saying only the same 10 things.


Tau would have made trig a LOT EASIER!

Mmmm, I loves me a little tau-pi on the weekends.

Kind of a Mandelbrot set of the entire internet, then.

Into eternity

Yup. That is exactly what happened to me about a year ago, last tau day.

Why did you turn radical from a simple one?

Decided to resurrect this thread instead of starting a new one. The guys over at Numberphile just released a video, Tau vs Pi Smackdown! I think the scoring was incredibly biased in favor of π but what can you do?

e[sup]iτ[/sup] = 0!

I’m a Pi-sces.

Anyone here a Tau-rus?

No, but I am a Scor-pi-o.

Well, that makes sense.

But now I can’t help thinking that, after sending all those interstellar radio messages using Pi in some way or another to show how smart we are, extraterrestrial civilizations will think of us as knuckle dragging oafs.

It’s OK, we transmitted it in binary. They’ll just think it’s a bit shift error.

Not the whole thing. Tau is divisible by 2. Obviously.

Now we have a transcendental zombie thread.

Pi must be eradicated. For the Greater Good.

Yeah. Let’s eat it.

Pi also has friends.

Life of pi must be interesting.