Pi has enemies.

The mathematical constant pi is under threat from a group of detractors who will be marking “Tau Day” on Tuesday.

Tau Day revellers suggest a constant called tau should take its place: twice as large as pi, or about 6.28 - hence the 28 June celebration.*



Some very good reasons why given here by the lovely Vi Hart

I could never get home from school with being bullied by piists–pious piists, who think they own the world. I came from a poor tau family, and every day my dad would come home from the bar drunk, saying how some day he was going to show those “goddamn, self-righteous, stuck-up, Cadillac pis just what was what.” And that’s what he did. He stormed into the Bureau of Weights and Measures office one clear morning–I’ll never forget that day–and went on a rampage, recalculating everything by different terms. It was a horrible scene. They still talk about it today. He was a good man. I can’t say I agree completely with what he did, but I’ll always be proud of my dad for sticking up for our people.

This entire topic is irrational.

At first I was all like pffft, those posers. Pi is awesome and everyone knows it. How dare they besmirch the beautiful boundless pi? But then I read the manifesto. Like Paul of Tarsus inventing the slide rule, the scales fell off my eyes. I knew then and there that Tau is the one true trig constant.

After reading the OP, and knowing The Dope, I thought the rest of the thread would be a serious discussion of math(s) that was way over my head.

Imagine my relief when I discovered it’s going to be a good ol’ train wreck instead!

Now, let’s see, I should contribute something…um…PI SUCKS! TAU RULES!

I think I’ve just been converted. I will forever more worship at the altar of Tau.

My reaction to learning the existence of tau in this sense and usage is that 2Pi or Tu-Pi makes more sense. Think Tu-Pi Shakur! :slight_smile:

When come back, bring… tau?

No, when come back, bring two-pie.

Pi are square?

But it’s so transcendental!

But reading it has been a transcendental experience!
ETA: Damn you, Canadjun!! :smiley:

Mmmmm, pi.

No, no. That was zen, this is tau.

I think if early mathematicians had gone for the more sensible Tau, and we’d had six fingers on each hand (hence widespread use of the more tractable base 12), we would already be scooting around in flying cars, rather than in the 2150 estimated by latest projections. Just another reason to hate Pi.

From the article:

Almost? Can anyone provide an example of something you can do with pi and can’t do with tau? Other than make pi/pie jokes?

Isn’t Tau-pi the capital of Tau-one?

How does Tau-pi differ from cow-pie?

Ow. :smack: