Happy "PI Day" Everyone

I trust someone else has NOT beaten me to posting this.
Yes, I am sending this “PI Day” greeting well into PI Day. (Heck, it’s more than half over!!)
It’s sad that the legendary Stephen Hawking passed away on this day, yet it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

We’re having leftover Chick-n Pot Pie* tonight for dinner. Maybe I’ll pick up some fruit pie for dessert. That’ll be our celebration.

*That’s vegetarian Chicken Pot Pie made with one of several possible imitation chicken products, usually soy-based. MilliCal has been vegetarian for years.

I did pick up pie for dessert. With my discount card, it cost $3.14 for the pie. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.
Hey! My last post was at 4:31 ! That’s a numerical anagram of 3:14!

I used to think the idea of Pi Day was cute. That was before I woke up and saw 200 emails in my inbox, most of them with companies using some form of Pi Day in their advertisement.

I hate Pi day. Three digits are not enough to get a calculation with acceptable precision. If my students use 3.14 where they need to use pi, I mark points off. :mad::mad:

Happy PI Day

Pi gets too much attention. Spend the day learning about e.

OK so what if we make it Pi hour at 3.1416? (4pm)

Somehow I missed this when it came out apparently 3 years ago, but in case you haven’t seen it:

Sweet Number Pi.

(An “irrationally long” parody of Warrant’s “Sweet Cherry Pie.”)

Sadly, since February stops at 28, or at best 29, there will never be an e Day
If it makes people feel better, tomorrow (March 16) we can celebrate Square Root of Ten Day. It’s dedicated to all those ex-Slide Rule Users who miss the CF and CIF scales on their obsolete slide rules.

I made two key lime pies in honour of the day, one for my co-workers and one for SWMBO’s work. I couldn’t convince anyone to wait until 3:27 PM to eat it, though. They were both gone before 10 AM.

Yesterday was Pi Day, so today is Second-day Half-price Pie Day. Watch for the yearly discount.

Dammit. 3.1415926… not 269 .No wonder everyone ate it early…:smack:

I’m a little amazed this wasn’t threadshit by tau freaks. But they (sorta) get their own day, so maybe they decided it wasn’t worth trolling.