Pi Prog Rock - nicely done

Pi Prog Rock

Props to the composer. It would have been very easy for this to sound like uninspired, generic prog. But it doesn’t. It references various aspects of Pi in clever ways, applying it to notes, harmonies, and rhythms, and it’s a very well-structured and enjoyable piece of music on its own merits. Very cleverly composed.

As a life-long prog fan, and math teacher, I must say that is flippin’ awesome!

Thanks for that!

Pity the play time shown is a second short…

I prefer cake prog rock.

That is awesome but I am a bit bummed.

My father is a math guy and for whatever reason doesn’t really get music. Since I am a guitarist I’ve been wanting to write him a song. So I thought about it and came up with the idea of doing pi. However I was going to add e ( base of natural logs) in. I was thinking pi as the tonic and e as the interval. So the first note would be the third and the chord would be a second, though I’d probably do a ninth as seconds are a bit on the dissonant side.

I may still do it.


Do it! No reason there can’t be many pieces of music based on pi. In fact there already was one that made the rounds a few years ago, and it was quite nice actually. It might have been this one.

(from a youtube search, there are plenty of attempts at it).