Pianists, please break out your measuring tapes!

I’ve tried Googling for this info, but no luck: I’m trying to find out the key height of an average piano, and also the average bench/seat height. I currently have a digital piano on an adjustable-height stand, and am using an adjustable-height chair, and sometimes when I play for a while my back starts killing me. I don’t remember ever having this problem with acoustic pianos, so I think my ergonomics are off. At least, I hope it’s my ergonomics, and not just my back getting worse as I age! <grin>

The tops of my keys are 28.5" from the floor; the seat of my chair is 21" from the floor.

Anyone with an acoustic piano at home (or somewhere accessible) willing to break out their measuring tape? I’d like to know how high the tops of your keys are from the ground, and also what height your bench/stool is. I’ll be curious to see if there’s any difference between uprights and grands, so if you’re able to post your stats please also specify the type of piano you measured.

Thanks in advance! But, for the record: if the police come to my door to question me about a rash of piano measuring, I don’t know any of you. :wink:

Not that this really helps, since I have the same setup as you (digital keyboard and stool, both of adjustable heightitude), but I find 7 inches between the two is just about right for me.

I should note, though, that I used to find acoustic pianos uncomfortable after long periods. Also, in other contexts- i.e., desks, computers, etc.- I seem to prefer my wrists and hands lower, relative to my hips, than other people seem to. IOW, YMMV.

…and here I thought you were going to be looking for a 12" pianist…

On my piano, the keys are 30.5 inches from the floor, and the benchtop is 19 inches from the floor.

My piano is an upright grand.

On my Yamaha 6-foot grand the keytops are 28" off the floor, and my (non-adjustable cheapie) bench is 18.5".

I have a Baldwin spinet.

The top of the keys are 28 inches or 71 cm. from the floor.

The top of the bench is 18 inches or 45 cm. from the floor.

I can’t stand it when I have to play a piano that is up on a cart so it can be rolled around. Very very uncomfortable to use the pedals.

Boston grand:

Tops of Keys: 28.5"
Top of Non-Adjustable Bench: 19"

Actually, make that:

Tops of Keys: 28"
Top of Non-Adjustable Bench: 19"

(Last time, I measured from two different spots on the floor and the carpet pile was uneven.)

Thanks for all of the replies!

So far it sounds like my keys are at an “average” height (which is good, because the next level down on the stand would be way too low), but I think my chair is too high; seems like roughly 10" is the average difference between seat and keys. Luckily my chair is pneumatic, so I’ll try lowering it about 3" and see if that makes a difference.

I’m not quite sure how you got that from the subject (maybe if I’d said “break out your rulers”?) . . . but do you know any? :eek: :wink: