Picasa no longer supported by Google - Help

In the above article and others I see I am going to be unable to use Picasa for my photos. I have read that they will all go to Google photos but I find that is not true. Most of my folders are not in Google photos. I can’t find a way to move them all unless I do it one at a time or one album at a time. Oh I can’t spend days on this!
I am asking for help as I have found none so far online.

Have you tried asking Google?

You shouldn’t have to move anything. They should already be in Google Photos automatically.

Did you try looking under “Collections”? That’s where I found mine.

Yes I looked in Collections and found some photos. But not all. And yes I went to Google help. It just says they are there in Google photos but they are not.

The article in the OP says, “In 2013, Google first transferred users’ Picasa albums to the photos section of its Google+ network. Now, any remaining photos and albums will automatically migrate to a Photos account.” Given the use of the future tense, it sounds like the transfer to Google Photos is not yet complete.

But if I were the OP and worried about it, I’d make sure I had offline copies of all of my photos.

I’ve been using Picasa for several years for my Family Trip albums, so am disappointed by the news. Not terribly surprised, though, they haven’t really made many updates nor made it mobile-friendly.

Two questions:

  1. Will current Picasa Web albums (like this album from 5 years ago) go away? It seems unclear from the Picasa announcement whether:

(A) It stays, but I cannot update (which is fine)
(B) I better transfer it to Google Photos before those online photos are gone forever*.

  1. What is a good web album to use for future trips? I like how Picasa displays captions and maps. I also like the slideshow option and how I can subdivide into folders by topic. I can then send family and friends a link to the whole Yellowstone Trip collection.

If Google Photos allows for that, all is well.

Yeah, I’ve been using that picasaweb url, too. If you are logged on to Google, you should be able to go to:


and find all your albums. Then you just have to find your way around Google’s UI to do things like share them.

If I can still ‘hot link’ to single pictures & albums, I will be OK but if not … GAH !!!

You can. There’s a little “share” icon on pictures and albums to allow public access and get the link. Of course, it’s a long, involved URL. You may wish to make use of one of those “short url” sites. For example:

One thing that annoys me is that it seems to provide a link to the pictures and albums with captions and descriptions not displayed. The user has to know to click on “info” to see it. There may be an option or a way to add something to the URL to make it display with the descriptions opened, but I haven’t investigated yet.

I am beginning to hate improvements…