Picasso exhibit in Richmond VA

I saw this yesterday, it’s very good. It’s the only east coast stop for this tour.


I bought tickets in advance but I still had to wait 1 hour to get in. Probably better to go on Sunday or a weekday if you can.

This is a rare chance to see almost 200 of his works here in the US

I saw it and loved it! Good cross-section of his career, and lots of photos of the man and his contemporaries. Afterwards, I walked over to Carytown and enjoyed a late lunch at the Galaxy Diner.

There are only 3 US stops on the tour. They are doing this because the Paris museum with a lot of his works is being renovated.

Nice, I should really get a group together to see this, we’re only 3 hours away in NC.

I’ve been to a few exhibitions at the VMFA over the years. It’s a really outstanding museum.

They let people wander around , for some of these they make you go in single file by the paintings.

sakuma drops - you live in RTP area? That’s where I live.