Pick a television comedy to vacation in.

For reasons that don’t concern you hosers*, Rhymer Enterprises finds it needful to save Lady Jane Grey from execution. I’d do it myself but 2009!Skald and 2011!Skald are already there (and then) in an epic battle of mistaken identity, and there’s no need to make the paradox worse than it is[sup]†[/sup]. This is a no-killing job, so I don’t trust any of the RhE field agents, so I need one of you Dopers to take a continua buggy back to 1554, teleport Jane out of the way of the axe, and replace her with a anecephalic clone (already prepped) just in time for the beheading.

After you drop the kid off at the safehouse, you will be allowed to use the continua buggy to transport yourself to the television comedy universe of your choice, there to meet and hang out with the characters for 336 subjective hours. That’s two solid weeks in Stars Hollow with Lorelai Gilmore, or a fortnight in Milwaukee with Arthur Fonzarelli and company, or 14 days at McClaren’s with TEd Mosby and friends, or … well, you get the idea.[sup]‡[/sup]

Any takers?

*In other words, because Athena said to.
[sup]†[/sup] As things stand, the paradox has already caused, by an intricate but unmistakable path, to the presence of both Sarah Palin and Honey Boo Boo on the national scene.
[sup]‡[/sup] I like footnotes, I do!

I guess I’d hang out on the island with Gilligan (and MaryAnn!).

The first choice would be to spend a week as Samantha’s hump-of-the-week in Sex and the City. Failing that, I’d park my can next to Norm for a week and see if I can out-obnoxious Cliff in meaningless trivia.

Like all people of taste, when I see the name “Samantha” mentioned in a thread about sitcoms, I immediately think of Bewitched. I’ll need you to explain why you wouldn’t rather be lusting after the witch, or I’ll have to assume you’re unwell.

My picks:

1)The HIMYM-verse

Skald, Skald, Skald…evem from the pilot, the witch is married, with a vengeful mother. While my liver might survive the era, my 'nads are a whole 'nother thing. It isn’t worth angering Endora, even if she would be happy Durwood got fittes with a rack of horns.

I’ve been needing to see a shrink recently, so I think I’ll schedule an appointment to talk to Dr. Robert Hartley. I probably need my teeth cleaned too, so I may stop by Jerry Robinson, DDS while I’m there.

Ted would have a fit if you did that to his name.

I’d go with Psych. Looks like fun and the weather is always nice.

You think Endora is going to oppose someone trying to break up Samantha and Darrin? Have you MET Endora?

Besides, my point was mainly that, comely though Carrie’s friend is, Serena’s identical twin was, at her prime, hotter.

Why you think I would be dismayed by the discomfiture of Ted Mosby escapes me. Anybody who wants to go slap him in the face gets an extra week.

Modern Family…I figure while Lilly is sent away to brat camp for a week or two, I could stay in Mitch and Cam’s spare bedroom and we could invite a few friends over for a BBQ, hit the beach, hit the bars and maybe even have some of the family over for pizza one night. Nice weather, nice house, plenty of food and drink…yeah, not a bad place to vacation for a couple weeks.

I think I’d spend a week getting high with Johnny Vegas on Ideal. I don’t think I’d be able to understand anything anyone says (Manchester, UK) and there’s a distinct possibility I’d get killed or kidnapped but…eh, it still seems like a fun time.

Perhaps, but Carrie’s friend is more…accessible. :wink:

But that’s not my choice. I’m going to freely bend your rules again…because that’s what I do…and spend my two weeks with the John Belushi era cast of Saturday Night Live. Odds are good I won’t remember much of the experience…but the potential for debauchery is unparalleled.

Green Acres is the place for me. Especially as it is in the same universe as the Shady Rest brothel just down the track.

I thought that I could come with TV comedy places I would like to visit very quickly, but it is not that simple, many of my favorites like Black Adder are located in very grim settings.

So I would prefer the Futurama universe, over ground of course.

Or, The Muppet Show. :stuck_out_tongue: <======== I always see this guy as Kermit.

The Addams Family could be fun.
Maybe I could blow up a train.

Can I change my age as I go back? Keith Partridge was really cute.

If I go to South Park, do I get to kill Kenny?

Well, let me see, would the Adventures of Superman be considered a sitcom today? I’d like to go back and vibrate Lois’s atoms again.

I think it would be a kick to hang out for a couple weeks at WKRP in Cincinnati. I could sit at the desk next to Bailey.

You could become the third Darren that people eventually forget wasn’t the second Darren. Bag that witchy booty!

I’ll be spending my vacation with Brett and Jermaine.