Pick a fictional locale to spend the next four years in

Let’s say the economic situation continues to worsen, and the guy you don’t like wins big in the election, and Fox begins playing American Idol every night. In short, the real world becomes intolerable.

But wait! There is hope! I happen to have a Burrough-Libby continua device at my disposal, and I’m willing to send any Doper who asks to the alternate dimension of his/her choice. For various complicated reasons (i.e., I’m a big meanie) I decline to pop you into a world where your guy won the election, the credit markets instantly rallied, and Paula Abdul was eaten by wolves; you can only go into a world chronicled in a work of fiction. You can stay for four years, after which the continua device is auto-set to bring you back, and I’ll provide you with the appropriate gear (i.e, money and fake i.d.'s where necessary) to live comfortably while you’re there.

I’ve got the verniers in hand. Where do I send you?

The Culture please - Chiark orbital to be precise. Hello orgy of non-stop fucking, eternal youth and not having to work.

The Earth-One of DC Comics, or whatever they’re calling it now. Wait around long enough and sooner or later you’ll get a power ring or something.

Do you mean the current DC continuity, or the Silver Age one? Because while the latter was mostly bloodless (unless you lived in Gotham City), the current one has twice the rape and ten times the murder of the real world.

You’re expecting me to say New Thundera, I know.

Oz. It’s peaceful, you can’t die, and I could play with the Hungry Tiger and the Cowardly Lion.

The Star Trek:TOS, please.

Failing that, with 4 years of dough, & low-gravity resist meds, Heinlein’s Luna Republic, just after the revolution.

Last choice–Futurama’s New New York.

Depends - can I get my medical problems fixed so I am healthy when I return?

if so, Bujolds Vorkosigan Universe, Beta Colony. I need to have body work done=)

I could enjoy a general tune up, metabolic adjustment, about 50 or 60 sessions with a mental therapist to help me deal with residual issues from a few abusive relationships and adversarial situations I was stuck in. maybe a week at the Orb and some desert treking as I really miss hiking.

If I cant have a body tune and tweak, I might still go in for a stint on Beta. Although Escobar is almost as advanced medically…

Though 4 years in Miles Vorkosigan’s house, with Ma Kosti cooking?

Star Trek TNG - the Planet Risa.

Or that one my favorite Brit mentioned, the nonstop orgy and not growing old thing sounds good too.

The Culture was what I thought of immediately. I’d see about getting some upgrades while I’m there too. And see if a Mind is willing to try to prevent me from having to come back, for that matter.

Planet Pern - ideally around the end of the ‘last’ pass, so I can see thread fall a few times, but not long enough to get tired/hurt doing ground crew. :smiley:

Basically a peaceful, low-carbon-footprint pastoral society, about twenty-five years into an incredible information age revolution. I’d love to be a part of that. Even if there are traditionalist nutjobs still running around vandalizing laboratories and such.


Super Mario Sunshine’s world. Sun. Sea. Fruit to eat everywhere. Lots of areas to explore. I’d probably stick around the main area. Some of the other areas can get a bit dangerous and I’m not setting foot in any bottomless areas.

It seems like such a happy, sunny fun place though.

I would love to be Professor Longhair, teacher of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts

Star Trek:TNG.

With the holodeck you don’t have to choose just one.

Well I’m obviously gonna say Middle Earth. I’ll put up with the inconveniences for a few years in order to visit the Shire, the Misty Mountains, Lorien…Maybe I’ll trek East and hunt for missing wizards.

**aruqvan **took my first answer, and for the same medical reasons. shakes tiny fist :smiley: Not sure I’d want to live on Barrayar given that it’s still not quite up to date when it comes to women, but I’d definitely visit.

I was gonna say Hogwarts, but this translocation doesn’t involve giving me wizarding powers, does it? :frowning:

Caladan always struck me as a pretty nice place. I’ve always wanted to live by the ocean.

I wouldn’t mind moving to a nice quiet library job in Zenith (the capital of Winnemac).

Cicely, Alaska.

Imladris. The elves will laugh at me for being roly-poly, but with as great as everything is supposed to be there, I’ll enjoy eating health food and taking long starlit walks with immortals and chilling in elf hammocks reading ancient books and watching their craftsmen just twiddle with a pair of pliers to outdo all the greatest works of Men.

I’ll borrow a horse and travel then, either west to Bree to sit in a tavern and sing with hobbits or east to Beorn’s hall, there to feast on honeycakes and continue to Rohan, Dale, Gondor…

You may keep your advanced and fascinating civilizations, but that is my dearest wish. :slight_smile:

Archenland, maybe?