Pick the odd one ..

in this series.

Why ?

We should probably spoiler the first few responses.

[spoiler]The un-bordered red square is larger than all the other squares, so I’ll pick that one.

If not that, the bordered green circle (second to last) has a faint green box around it.

If not that, then I’ll take the bordered red square at the end; not out of place if it’s starting a new sequence, but it’s not.[/spoiler]

I can’t really see a clear answer. The sixth shape has messed up colors, so that struck me first, but the 2nd and 5th shapes seem to break a pattern as well (different sizes), and there’s no clear indication of an answer. I’ll go with 6th circle.

Yes !:slight_smile:

Please spoiler the responses.

[spoiler]The un-bordered red square is larger than the red square in the border.

Or: The un-bordered green square is the same size as the green square in the border, so it is smaller than the un-bordered red square.

Or: The bordered red square on the end is a duplicate.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The 5th one is odd in terms of overall size, and the 6th one is odd in having three colors. I think a reasonable case could be made for choosing either of these. I don’t see how a compelling case could be made for either, without some standard that indicates size is more important than colors, or vice versa.

Is that a test to see if you think size matters? ;)[/spoiler]

Ok, a wild theory:

There’s no obvious answer, because there are *three *obvious answers (#2, #6, and #7, for reasons already stated above). So you take those three out, and you’re left with the following series: bordered red square, bordered red circle, bordered green square, un-bordered green square. There’s only one shape there that isn’t bordered, therefore #5, the un-bordered green square, is the odd man out.

We can probably kill the spoiler boxes now, right? It’s just so people don’t accidentally see an answer when they first open the page.


This link was sent by a friend .I do not know the answer to this .



The colored parts of the objects appear to be of a fixed proportion. That particular red square is larger and doesn’t fit in.

He sent me a link to the original blog post.

Here it is..

Probably first link was a variation of the problem.

I pick number one as it’s the only one that has no unique attribute, while the others contain 1 unique attribute.

Spoilering anyway.

The second red square on the left has a larger colored shape than all the others. The little green square was a nice hint, I think.

Yet another “Are you thinking the same way I’m thinking?” question. There’s no objectively right answer; how could there be? Go with whatever picks your fancy for whatever reasons float your boat; each shape does have some property that none of the others have [well, except that the first and last are duplicates, but even then, feel free to take position within the series as part of the relevant criteria].

I picked #4, the bordered green square. It’s the only shape with two opposite-color counterparts instead of just one.