Pick your favorite dancer

I’ve stumbled across a music video that I can not stop watching. It showcases a group of six dancers, each one cuter than the next. I am simply unable to choose a favorite.

So, watch the video, then vote for the one who shines the brightest for you.



None of them seem terrible, but the most professional one to me is the one in the pink pants.

I click to get “A script on this page may be busy …”

Any expert advice? (Experimenting a little I see most Youtube videos work as normal, though some linked to on the LINK page produce the same error.)

My problem was with Firefox. I tried again with Chrome and it ran OK (perhaps with a startup delay).

I picked striped-shirt, but without really noticing any major difference in skills. Are you sure you don’t just like to watch women wiggling, mmm ? :cool:

The singer kinda reminds me of this guy.

It’s kind of hard to distinquish them much. They’re doing the same dance, and there isn’t much focus on any one. Striped shirt had a fake looking smile. Yellow pants seemed to be doing the happy thing well. I guess her.

Upon seeing the thread title, I thought the OP would be asking us to choose between Mikhail Baryshnikov and Paula Abdul, or like that. I did not care for the linked video, so none of the above.

Not one of them show any dancing talent. All they’re doing is spinning about and posing. There’s no grace, nor do they appear to be in time with the music. It’s hard to tell because of all of the jump shots.

Green top was my favorite and it had nothing to do with her movements. I liked Mungo Jerry though.

I am not sure of that at all.

I misread the thread title as “Pick your favorite cancer”. This is not a small mistake. I only know the names of a few kinds of brain cancer, so as I opened thread I thought, “Well, I know a meningioma is generally less grievous than a glioma, but still pretty bad.”. The actual nature of this thread was a welcome change of pace. I voted for Ms. Pink Pants, but I don’t know how much of that had to do with dancing ability.

Cute, Talentless ladies.

Just to be clear, I don’t consider any of them to be exceptional dancers. But they do have a certain summery/fun quality in their moves that I very much approve of.

ETA: BTW, I’ve settled in on Green Top as my fave.


Yellow pants. Not the best of the dancers but she appears that she is actually having a blast up there, not just pasting a smile on her face. I’m guessing she is like that off-stage too.

Grey and white striped top and not-quite-[SIZE=“2”][SIZE=“3”]yellow pants.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

My wife has a serious crush on this guy, from this video specifically.

None of those ladies impressed me. The couple here does though! :cool: (Yes, that’s Alan Rickman dancing a tango.)