In your opinion, is this woman a good dancer?

I realise “good dancer” is a very subjective thing, but just as a quick query;

(This link takes you to a video for Les Savy Fav’s Patty Lee - all fully clothed, no grinding!)

Nope. She’s just prancing around.

I don’t know if I can judge good from bad. I guess all I can judge is do I want to see this person dance? Do I want to see more? Am I drawn to them? I’m not really drawn to this…sorry.

That’s okay! It’s not me or anything :slight_smile:

I was just curious because I basically have one box for “good dancing” - do you look as though you want to be doing it? - and this lady ticked it with a big pen. But! Then I read a lot of YouTube comments that were all This girl dances bad, lolcat faggot warez site, and I was interested to see where the consensus lay.

Not at all.

Could I ask what makes a good dancer to the rest of you? Like I said, I have the one criteria and it’s pretty unsophisticated - I’d like to know what you guys think.

Oh, while I think of it, a little tag-on thing - would you describe the attached as a bad dancer? Why or why not?

Cheers :slight_smile:

My criteria is pretty much the same as Freudian Slit’s, and I wouldn’t say she’s bad. She’s just not good.

I was going to say, but I missed the edit window - I liked Freudian Slit’s criteria, and that’s fair enough.

I just got a bit worried, because I thought she was magnetic, and YouTube seemed to suggest she was equivalent to an unexpected fat dad’s macarena at a wedding. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I was wondering if I was missing something terribly embarrassing about her performance, or what. YouTube, eh.

She’s not staying with the beat, especially when she’s trying to ‘hesitate’ between beats. She also doesn’t give me the impression that she’s ‘feeling’ the music - such as showing that she’s enjoying herself, or moving in a way which expresses emotions that the music evokes.

She is fine. we are used to acrobatics nowadays. She moves well and keeps to the music. What else do you need?

Reminds me of something

She seems to be wearing concrete overshoes. Perhaps she’s pleased to have escaped the Mob?

Seriously, she dances like an average white female*: arms up in the sky, wiggly feet and knees, big grin.
*which is to say, slightly better than me, a white male, who dances much like the guy in 40-year old virgin.

I think if you look closely she, and everyone else, is dancing to another song. I gather it is the band’s official video for the song so I would go for an deliberate Elaine.

She isn’t hard to watch for a while.

She looks like she’s dancing to a different song; she doesn’t have a lot of moves.

What I want to see in a dancer: Grace, athleticism, a routine that goes with the music. Confidence, balance. This lady doesn’t measure up. She’s not awful, but she’s not hitting the place where I’d want to see her, pay to see her, or would watch her if there were other people on the same stage. Also there are times when she plain looks like she’s about to fall over.

Pretty bad.

On the floor at a show with a crowd she’d be pretty cool. Or with a band. Solo (showing off) I’d say no. She reminds me of a singer (male) in a band, but I can’t place him.

Oh oh oh, I think I’ve totally asked the wrong thing here. Mea culpa! I was thinking “good dancer” like getting down with her bad self in a club or something, not with the Mariinsky Ballet.

I mean, if this lady was your friend and you saw her strike up this sort of arrangement in front of you in a club, would you take her aside with a “Oh, honey, no”, or equivalent? Because I saw her dancing and thought “Oh, she looks happy and confident and nice”, and YouTube said “EURGH GROSS EMBARRASSING WTF”, and I was honestly wondering if there was something terrible I was missing. I realise this is not what I asked initially; I’m sorry! I think what I might be missing is not being thirteen and on YouTube, but you never know!


Reprasent! :smiley:

She’s a good dancer like Napoleon Dynamite is.

wolf-alice, if I saw someone dancing like this in a club–with or without other dancers on the floor–I wouldn’t say it was embarrassingly bad, or anything.

On Dancing with the Stars, she’s out. Not gonna win.

If I were about 40 yrs younger and saw her, I’d get out there try to follow her moves.
She’s just dancing. I like that.