So You Think You Can Dance 7/25-26

I likes me some Dancey! :smiley:

The repeated solos caught me off-guard. Didn’t like the repetitiveness at first, but it grew on me.

The ladies are really strong this season, perhaps we will see our first female champ. Sara Von Gillern is the epitome of cool.

Nigel’s comments seemed off this night. Like he had a bug up his ass.

More dancing and less critiques, please. And Cat’s makeup was off this week. I never liked the raccoon eye / boxing black eye look.

I didn’t like the solos at all this week. To me, they were all really boring. Like the hippy lady said, maybe if all of them added their own flavor I would have liked them…maybe, but seeing how they all did essentially the same thing, I just went back to my computer during them.

I thought the solos were a good idea, but it was a lousy dance. One question for the straight ladies and gay guys. I was almost startled when Mia said that Kameron was still around because “you’re such a beautiful man”. His face is pierced, his hair is bizarre, and his mouth looks like a sea bass. Was Mia drunk or is he really perceived as “beautiful”?

He’s not my taste, that’s for sure.

On the solos – the repetition really lets you see where the various people are on technique – how well they extend here, how they handle that leap there, etc. I can see how it’s boring, but as far as judging actual dance ability, this is the fairest thing they’ve done all season.

Sabra’s great, I’m totally rooting for her.

I missed the first part of the show and started watching only when Sabra and Kameron were dancing. Was Pasha and Lauren’s dance Shane Sparks-choreographed? I saw a bunch of booty in the replay.

I hated the Viennese waltz, and loved the disco.

The a flack on the SYTYCD message boards about Mia wearing a Marine Dress Blue Coat. Some didn’t think it was appropriate.

Anyway I was bored with the solos, I can understand why they wanted to see how the individuals would do a specific dance. I agree with **Liberal ** on this, it was a lousy dance.

Maybe Mia meant Kameron was a ‘beautiful’ man as in on the inside etc. He doesn’t do anything for me.

Yes. And Pasha actually did pretty well — almost as well as Benji did with hip hop.

Thanks – I thought so. I’m almost to the point where I can pick a Tyce Dioro or Shane Sparks routine out of a lineup.

That was bad – but it was bad choreography. Picking on the dancers for the fact that it sucked as a waltz seemed incredibly unfair to me. (Though I agree about whatshisface’s hamminess, which was a legitimate critique.)

Yeah. It was presented as a Viennese waltz with some Latin flavor. It was more like a Tango in 3/4 time.

Should routines ever be judged on how well they conform to the conventions of a genre? I see it as more of a suggested inspiration point for choreography. Each choreographer works with the dancers to make the best possible routine inspired by a certain genre, but are allowed to break rules.

I have to disagree here. I love Pasha, but last night I felt he was too weak in both the hip-hop and his solo.


The disco routine was the most enjoyable dance I’ve seen on that show in some time. It was just so much corny fun! They looked like they were having a blast.

And I continue to be impressed with Sara- for a B-girl (whatever that term means) she has some real ability to pull off the complicated couples-type dancing, and looks great and glamorous and sexy in a a dress and heels. She almost flashed the world a boobie during the judge’s critique though- I think her dress was falling apart there at the end.

How did I miss that?

Note to self: rewind last night’s tape when I get home tonight…

When she goes over to Cat during the applause, I think she sort of puts her right arm around Cat’s waist (actually, more like her upper legs; Sara’s so short compared to her). As she moves her body to her left, the right side of her dress sort of stays stuck to Cat for a moment, and she noticed it about a split second before her nipple made a triumphant appearance. She spent the rest of the critique firmly holding the V-neck of her dress together.

I think I was indifferent to the solos because of the hideous John Mayer song that accompanied it, but I would still listen to that song 10 times over that horrible rendition of “Amazing Grace” once. Blech! That (contemporary) and the waltz were both hugely unflattering, though Sabra still came out looking golden.

The hip hop and samba were fine, and the disco was the highlight, though I’m not that big of a Neil fan.

I think Nigel & co. made some really good points about the differences in performance in the solo, but I suspect it’s probably not going to matter much now that the judges simply comment but America chooses.

My predictions on who’s going: Jaime and Kameron. The latter was clearly coattailing on his partner (Lacey) in terms of talent, and the former was coattailing on her partner (Hok) in terms of popularity. She may be a great dancer, but she’s utterly flavorless, not very memorable personality-wise, and nowhere near the cutest of the bunch. Also, neither had a particularly good night last night either. We’ll see…

Dominic did the best solo, though.

My two favorites last night were the hip hop and disco. I wasn’t impressed with the others at all. And I agree that taking the dancers to task for a choreographer’s decision is just plain wrong. You have to judge them on their performance of what they were given.

I hate the new solo format. Let them go back to dancing in any style they choose instead of giving us the equivalent of the compulsory round in gynmastics. And to have to hear the same song 10 times over, especially a song and ‘peace routine’ as annoying as that one, was torture. Bog asked me, “Why are you playing that song over and over?” :smiley:

I agree that it’s unfair to criticize the dancers for the choreographer’s decision to turn the waltz into a latin dance. That being said, it’s tough to judge dancers when you go from disco to the waltz to hip hop all in one show. It’s not really fair to the dancers that I’m not a fan of ballroom so I tend to turn a jaundiced eye to it.

I was very impressed with Dominic’s solo, the lift he gave to the moves was incredible for someone untrained in ballet. How he went from that to that horrible waltz is amazing. I’m still rooting for him, though I must admit that I wasn’t his biggest fan.

I see what Mia sees in Kameron. I think he’s very handsome and brings a machismo to the dance that is usually missing in male dancers. However, the judges have been roundly criticizing him for weeks on end. Honestly, I didn’t think he did badly on his dance.

Danny still leaves me cold. I see what people say about Jaime, too.

Sabra completely rocks. I voted for her several times. Sara is also very strong. She’s very unique. And wasn’t it her who did that incredible waltz at the beginning of the season?

Neil is the dark horse. I’m surprised he made it this fair, but he’s pouring it on the last few weeks. I cast a few votes for him, too.

Lauren is also coming on strong.

Favorite dance of the night, by far, was the hip hop. I was very disappointed in Wade’s weird solo number, which is odd because I usually love his work. It reminded me of Mia.