So You Think You Can Dance 8/8, 8/9

I was pretty impressed with just about all of the dances, except the contemporary one (I almost never like those).

Loved Lacey and Pasha’s mannequin routine.

I think my favorite at this point is Neil. And is it just me, or does he look exactly like The Little Prince?

I think Pasha and Lauren will be going home (though I think they did well, I think the others did better).

I hope that it will be Pasha and Lauren leaving. They are my least favourite performers of those left, though on the whole, I was really impressed by all of the performances tonight. I thought the jazz dance by Neil and Sabra to Sweet Dreams was fantastic.

I’m a bit confused about how the preparing is going to work for next week’s show. Since the results show isn’t going to be on until next Monday, how is the pairing going to work? Do they do it assuming no one is leaving? Do they wait until Monday and announce who is leaving and then give the remaining four only two days to learn their dances? Colour me confused.

Wait, no results show tomorrow? :open_mouth: How can I CONTAIN MY ANTICIPATION!?

I thought the final rounds were just solo stuff.

Pasha and Lacey’s hip hop dance was pretty cool.

Sabra’s solo was gorgeous as usual.

I didn’t get the love for Danny and Lauren’s contemporary. Maybe Mia Michaels’ latest works don’t translate well to the small screen.

Pasha’s mannequin solo was not bad at all.

Neil and Sabra’s jazz routine was PHE. NO. ME. NAL. More contemporary than jazz in terms of style for me, but breathtakingly good.

Lauren’s solo was decent.

Pasha and Lacey’s smooth waltz was good. Pasha was better than Lacey in the beginning, but as they warmed up into it, it got rather excellent.

Neil’s solo was very good, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Danny and Lauren’s disco was just OK, needed about two more days of rehearsal. Or no Lauren.

Lacey’s solo seemed like she’d been suffering from Anya envy the whole season. Good choice of the Shiny Toy Guns, though.

Sabra and Neil’s Paso Doble was about as good a dance as has ever been seen on this show. Outstanding display of showmanship.

Danny’s solo, while again nothing new, was flawless.

Neil and Sabra owned the night. They’re staying.

I’m guessing bye bye to Danny and Lauren.

Last time at the Final Four, each dancer had a routine with each of the others: B1+G1; B1+G2; B1+B2; B2+G1; B2+G2; G1+G2.

Six pair dances plus four solos.

The “Sweet Dreams” number was just riveting – and so was the paso doble.

Go Sabra! I so want her to win…

I’m guessing that, too. I think they were the weakest pair last night–not that either of their routines were bad, but neither were as fun or as energizing as the other two pairs at their best.

I think Pasha’s got an edge among the men because he stands out from the other two. Neil & Danny’s solos were virtually interchangable, with Neil having the looks & charisma and Danny having the better technique (and last night, at least, better music choice). That’s why Danny, who’s been on thin ice for a while, still remains vulnerable. Has Pasha ever been in the bottom groupings? He wasn’t even last week.

Sabra’s solo was the best, and I think she’s the safest. We didn’t see anything new from Lauren or Lacey’s solos, so I’d pick the one that was less boring and more showy (Lacey), which means Lauren is at high risk since she’s also been scraping by for a while now.

I might have liked the contemporary number better if it wasn’t to such a terrible song, and the run-up-the-stairs moment felt tacked on and gratuitous. The disco would’ve probably worked better if the Hip Hop and Jazz numbers that preceded it hadn’t already shown more fun and better execution. Pasha, in particular, benefitted from the Hip Hop number because it played to his warmth, good humor, and he had a lot more to do than Lacey. He was also smart to dance with the mannequin for his solo, since he’s more of a partner dancer and it gave him something to work off of.

But Sabra & Neil ruled the night with the best performance in each of the two clusters. I’ve never been much of a fan of Neil, but Sabra (who I always liked) has shown that there isn’t a single partner that she isn’t good with. She’s also never been in a bottom grouping (IIRC), and is well-poised to be a genuine contender for the title (though I still suspect that the overwhelming girlie presence among the viewers may consistently skew things toward the men; hope I’m wrong about that).

I have to admit that Neil has really grown on me. He’s neck-and-neck with Pasha now.

My wife is a huge fan of the show and goes to all the spoiler sites. Word is that the results will be taped Thursday as normal, but not aired until Monday.

I repeat, my wife watches the show, I just happen to be in the room when she does. … er… and… go Pasha, go Sabra.

You’re a good husband!

Just checked the program listings – football tonight, two more eliminated Monday (presumably after filming tonight), and a two-part season finale Weds. and Thurs.

And, dammit, I’m on vacation next week – guess I’ll have to figure out how to program the VCR side of the new DVD player…

You mean her legs? I agree, she really worked it. I like the term also, haven’t heard that one…“hey, check out those shiny toy guns on her…”

No, the song she danced to was “Le Disco” by Shiny Toy Guns

Er. Um. Of course I knew that. I’m in touch.

rushes to turn on American Bandstand

Fantastic show. I wasn’t crazy about Danny and Lauren’s disco number, but the others made up for it (especially the jazz routine – I think that was my favorite).

Sabra was outstanding last night, but she always shines, so that’s not surprising. I really, really want her to win.

Well that does explain the logistics of it for pairing the remaining competitors up and having them start their rehearsals. You’d think, though, that if they were taping the results show with a studio audience, that there would be some leaking of who is eliminated.

True. So they probably won’t use a studio audience for that part of it. Monday’s results show will probably be put together from prerecorded clips plus maybe live footage of some guest performer.

Loved the “Sweet Dreams” routine so much that I wish I’d have watched it live so I could vote for them. It was absolutely ingenious to use a table as a prop. And Neil’s whatdoyoucallit over the table was very sexy. And the Pase Doble was very good, too, esp when she slid down his body at the end – hell, my body was bruised watching her land. I’m impressed how she always puts 100% into it. Neil and Sabra were the best pair by far, IMO.

Hate, hate, hated the disco routine and was very surprised that the judges gave them a free pass on it. There were several awkward moments in the routine, such as when Danny tried to lift Lauren onto his shoulders, that just killed the dance for me. And that contemporary number was just stupid. Nigel slammed Hok earlier for not dancing like an old man (“If you hadn’t told me you were an old man, I wouldn’t have known.”). Well, had they not told me that they were going for aliens, I wouldn’t have known it either. It was just dumb. In fact, I’d love to see Will Farrell’s do a spoof on it.

I enjoyed the mannequin routine. The waltz was very beautiful. Lacey and Pasha certainly danced technically well. However, I wasn’t feeling the chemistry between them. Lacey just looked exhausted to me. Pasha looked good, and I like him, but he lacks Neil’s charisma.

And, for the love of pete, what was that sequin sack that Mary Murphy was wearing? She’s an attractive woman but she desperately needs a stylist. She goes from wearing ridiculous leopard prints to Little House on the Prairie shirts to that monstrosity that she wore last night. She has a good figure and needs to quit dressing like a frustrated matron. Break out of the dark colors and lighten up!


For those of you who missed the results show tonight, the final four contestants are:

Sabra (Whoo-HOO!)

Anyone else think it was a bit rude to kick the audience out of the studio before announcing the last two picks? I mean, I understand why the producers did it, but it just rubbed me the wrong way (and made the final announcement somewhat anticlimactic).

ladybug, I thought it was weird that they would announce the first half of the final four but not the second half before they kicked out the audience? What was the point of that? They were okay with the potential leaking of Danny and Lacey being in the final four and therefore obviously not being eliminated?