So You Think You Can Dance 8/1-2

Danny/Sara: The tango was pretty good, but mostly memorable because of Sara’s awesome body. But the hip-hop! Good grief, I was getting flashbacks from high school. Since we know this is Sara’s forte, Danny must’ve really sucked to have such an uninspired and derivative routine result. Ugh. And they nailed it with the “Sesame Street” wardrobe, and the choice of song couldn’t have been more cliched. Yikes. I think Sara’s solid, but Danny’s search for broader appeal has been an uphill battle and he did himself no favors this week.

Dominic/Lauren: The krumping was better than the hip-hop, especially toward the end, but still nothing very special. And the rhumba was a snoozer–all build-up and no real resolution. Both of these two are in danger, especially Lauren.

Neil/Lacey: I liked the Latin Jazz more than the judges, but they were right that there was little chemistry between them. And I would’ve found the contemporary routine more moving if they ditched all the stupid flowers and Neil’s “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” get-up and didn’t frontload the emotional importance of the piece to bias, well, everybody. Who was going to say anything bad about it? I thought it was sweet, and Lacey looked genuinely beautiful for the first time (she usually is more perky/sassy/sexy), but I can think of other contemporary numbers from this year that were better. But the weight of this last number in particular (not to mention Neil’s previous shirtlessness) secures these two in the safe column.

Pasha/Sabra: Nigel’s right in that these two were easily the best couple of the night, and the only thing that might imperil them is that their two routines (Broadway & Quick Step) have virtually no followers in the audience, so no matter how good they were at both of them, I can see why a lot of people might not be enthused. The Broadway number was tough because it felt like it was the 3-minute closer of a 9-minute number, so it required more build-up than it could afford to have. But the quick-step was fun, though more technical and less showy than the more popular swing moves that really cue up the crowd. Still, they were a good pairing and I think both are safe.

The men are more of a toss-up than the ladies.

Lacey, Sara, Sabra, Lauren. Who’s going home? Lauren, hands down.

Pasha, Neil, Danny, Dominic? Harder to say. Pasha’s probably safe, and the flower dance and the shirtlessness has probably saved Neil. I think I’m guessing Danny is going home. Dominic was in the bottom two last week, but then again, he was in the stupidest dance of the night (other than the endlessly repeated solo routine). Danny’s spent half the competition staving off elimination.

So then next week it woul be Dominic, Neil and Pasha for men, Sara, Sabra and Lacey for women. I would guess Dominic and Lacey to go home, and the crown goes to either Sara or Sabra the following week.

I only caught the last routine of this episode but it looked like Mia Michaels had been crying. What was that all about?

She had. She choreographed a piece that was “a reunion of me and my late father when we meet again in heaven” for Neil and Lacey. So everyone got to cry, including Mary, who Nigel said, “Was also going through a tough time in her personal life”. It was a nice piece, but I didn’t find it as moving as they did.

I’ll let TWOP synopsize:

I thought the routines were subpar last night. And not because of the dancers. Between the costumes on some, the choreography on others, it just wasn’t good stuff. I ended up voting for only 3 of the people. Neil - who I liked seeing shirtless - sue me! Sabra - who’s just the best dancer, and Sara - who I think has such ability and charism. The others gave me a total feeling of “meh”

I, too, would vote off Lauren and either Dominic or Danny.

That ‘dance with my dead daddy’ routine was the most self indulgent piece of crap this show has ever put on, and way to stack the deck in your favor, Mia, with the emotional baggage. What could anyone really say about it- “gee, Mia, sorry about your dad and all, but that sucked”??

I felt embarrassed for Sara and Danny with that ridiculous Shane Sparks routine. Good God, that was bad, and the outfits looked like something out of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air outtake.

I liked how Nigel said that the choreographers needed to kick out all the stops, instead of pandering toward the strengths/weaknesses of whoever is assigned to them. There was very little memorable (for all the right reasons) about last night’s dances (especially w/Wade R MIA), and I think next week will really separate “the men from the boys”, so to speak.

Oh, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who thought that Mia’s piece was self-indulgent. Last week she was soundly lambasted for wearing a Marine uniform and I’m sure it wa a rough week for her emotionally. I just wish she would have channeled that emotion into something that wasn’t so overtly maudlin. It was the physical equivalent of “Butterfly Kisses” which makes my eyes want to roll rather than weep.

I’d have had so much more respect for her had simply introduced it as a reunion between a daughter and her late father in heaven, or better yet, a son and his late mother, without interjecting her personal life into it at all. Metaphors don’t have to be literal, you know. And then, maybe, we (and the “jooges”) could have criticized it based on its merits vs. its emotional relevance to its creator. But, alas, she played her “Get out of Criticism Free” card.

I think next week Shane ought to choreograph “Ode to Nana” just to get even .

Half way through the routines I realized that I didn’t really care about who won. Last year the dancing wasn’t as perfect, but I was more emotionally invested in the dancers. I might be slightly bummed if Sara or Sabra go, if only because they had the least amount of training, but none of them inspired me to pick up the phone last night.

Oh, and Mary? Get some help.

OK, I am not a fan of Dominic, and in fact I think he’s going home tonight, but his solo was amazing and that chair thing was pretty freaking cool.
Pasha, no shirt drove all other thoughts from my brain though.


I can believe Dominic, but Sara?!?


Same here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sad to see Dominic go, he was my favorite of the guys, but I’m not really surprised to see him leave. Sarah, on the other hand, totally caught me off guard. I would have bet anyone money that Lauren was going to leave this week. Sarah’s a better dancer overall, and when she wears the right clothes, hotter than I ever expected her to be. I guess the ‘dressing like a floozy’ paid off for Lauren.

(I’m glad they had One Republic play on the show. I love them and that song, so I’m glad they’re finally getting some airtime. If anyone’s interested their music video is excellent, one of the best I’ve seen).

Poor Sara. She was a big part of why I’ve continued to watch this show. Lauren’s unabashed competitiveness irks me. I understand it’s a competition, but all the dancers seem to have a genuine respect for each other and appear to be happy just to have made it to that level. When Cat announced that Lauren was in the bottom two, she kept saying “are you sure? are you sure?” She did it in a joking way but she’s done that sort of thing before, and I get the strong sense that she honestly feels she’s so much better than the rest of them. She needs to be taken down a peg or two.

Not as surprised about Dominic, although I am very surprised that Danny wasn’t even in the bottom two. Now watch, and either Danny or Lauren will win the whole thing, and I’ll look like an idiot.

I take it Sara and Dominic went home. I think Lacey is a shoe-in for the title at this point, with she and Sabra in the top 2. None of the men left have the charisma that, say, Benji had. Sabra seems very sweet and she’s been coming on strong but I’m not sure she has the fan base of Lacey, who gets an incumbent edge because of her brother.

If she does win, it would be interesting that a brother and sister won consecutive titles, not to mention their cousin made it to the top 4 last season. Future dancers had better hope that Lacey and Benji’s family don’t have any more kids/cousins out there.

Then we have Danny and his foster brother from last season (whose name I forget) who made it to the top 2.

Which is a shame, since she can’t dance solo for shit.

Yeah, her solo sucked ass and I’m annoyed that none of her voters will take it into account next week (though I think she is a very strong partner and she’s certainly grown on me - in the beginning she irritated the crap out of me). Sabra and Lauren’s solos were fun for me this week (I’ve never really seen the appeal of Sabra personality-wise, but she showed great form there), and I like the return towards actually dancing to the music in solos that seems to be emerging (at one time, only Hok did it) but I really enjoyed Sara’s (and I think my favorite partner dance this week was her progressively-styled tango) and it’s a sad suprise to me that she’s leaving. There’s no one left now who I genuinely like (except maybe Pasha).
Mia’s contemporary routine was total emotional rape. It was gross, they hardly danced at all. And I’m starting to wonder if Mr. Hairspray has any idea what he’s talking about when it comes to non-broadway routines. Even his group piece wasn’t great - Benji and Donyelle’s routine to the same somg last year was better (and with a better song arrangement. And come on - even if you’re plugging the movie nonstop - with all the frigging songs in the world, there is no excuse to recycle a song from last year!).

[finally caught up on TiVo!!]

  1. Lacey’s solo sucked.
  2. We fast forward through commercials and through the filler stuff, so I saw Mia’s routine without knowing what it was about. I thought it sucked. Then everyone was crying and going on and on so we rewound and watched the intro for it and I gotta say: it needed the intro to work. On its own? Doesn’t stand up.
  3. We freaked out at Lauren and Dominic’s passionate kiss at the end of their dance. Wonder if there is something there off-screen??

I’m not as emotionally invested this season as last, but that is likely due to the fact that I moved from Georgia to Ohio and then went on vacation, and then to a juggling convention, and then to a family wedding, etc and so virtually the whole season since June I’ve watched in the last week and a half.

I’ve watched it from the beginning and I really don’t care who wins.

Oh, and now that I watched in on Tivo, I see what everyone has said about Lacey’s solo. Wow, that was bad and I’m peeved that we won’t get to hear Nigel rag on her for it.

I don’t really care who wins either. Well, not anymore I don’t. All of my favorites have been kicked off the show.