So You Think You Can Dance - 7/18

I was pretty underwhelmed about last night. My fave, hands down, was Sabra & Dominic with the Jive, and I’m really going to miss them as a couple. The other couples I’d put in the top half were Pasha/Sara & Danny/Anya, though neither were as good as we’ve seen in the past.

Hok & Jamie seemed thoroughly disconnected, with him doing his thing as the focus, and her just flitting around on the periphery. Like the judges, Lauren & Neil left me pretty cold in a not-very-entertaining piece. Kameron & Lacey only served to highlight that, as much as I like him, they’re not really evenly-matched. And his solo was a genuine non-starter.

If my bottom 3 also becomes “America’s”, I think Lauren & Kameron are in the most danger. Hok is the weakest of the 3 men, but I think he’ll pull off a solid solo that will probably save him.

Congrats to Wade Robson & Mia Michaels, both of whom racked up Choreography Emmy nominations this morning for the show.

Very cool!

Agree that Sabra and Dominic’s Jive was amazing – most of the rest of it was pretty uninteresting.

Cheers for Wade and Mia! Richly deserved. As for last night, I liked almost every performance.

Any theories on what Mia Michael’s was thinking when she came up with Lauren and Neal’s routine?

I love Mia, but I was also a bit confused. It felt almost Kubrick.

I saw it as an abstraction of time and space — a sort of Id’s view of the world.

I absolutely loved Mia’s routine - it was like an homage to Devo/that New Order True Faith video from 100 years ago. I watched it twice.
I tihnk Kameron is sinking fast, which is sort of too bad because he seems charming, but I actually like all of them. Oh, except Lacey. She makes me nervous. Plus that dirty cheerleader thing she did made me uncomfortable - although I supose that’s not her fault.
I would happily watch Pasha wash dishes. He’s such a cupcake.

Her hair is like dog hair? Really

Though I can appreciate the technical skills of Anya and Danny, neither of them inspires me to pick up the phone.

I think Hok is an amazing dancer but not sure this competition is for him. He’s just not a strong partner. Jamie is such a mature dancer but her personality is so childish I’m not sure what to make of her.

Something about Lacey bugs me. I think her hair color is all wrong. And the Britney Spears “Oops, I Did It Again” look was just not working. Anyway, I think Kameron is a really good dancer but he’s outclassed by his partner and his competition. I agree with Wade that his solo was meh.

I didn’t care for Mia’s routine at all. Her routines are either hit or miss with me.

Dominick is growing on me. At first I didn’t care for him, but his jive was outstanding. He and Sabre made great partners.

Lauren and Neil are cute but I wasn’t wowed by their dance.

Wade Robeson is one odd nut but I felt his comments were spot on.

I thought they eliminated the right people last night, too. Hok is fun, but now that we’re into the top 10, he’s not one of them. I think he’ll do very well as an all-around artist. His drawings were really cool, too, so if he’s not dancing, he’s probably capable of getting a show for that.

I liked the Lauren and Neil routine. I was worried they’d can Jamie, and I love her leaping ability, her lines, and her energy. I think, given some better partners and choreography, that she could take the competition.

Does anyone think there might be a chance one of the women will win the whole thing this year? Nick Lazzarini won the first, Benji the second…

They’ve always loved Jamie so I knew they wouldn’t get rid of her (though her solo was so-so). Lauren was really on the cusp, and I think she had the best solo of the three, so she got to stay (and it didn’t help Anya that she’d been in the bottom 3 for 3 weeks running).

Hok had a much better solo than Neil, but they’re right: he’s not really in his element in any other style than his own (and contemporary, I suppose). You’d never guess that Dominick’s a b-boy based on how easily he’s taken to so many of the styles he’s been forced to learn, so Hok really couldn’t use that as an out.

I don’t know if a woman can win this for one simple reason: it always appears that 80% of the audience is girls, so they’re gonna gravitate towards the Dreamy candidates as well as the talented ones. I’m also not sure if any of the “girls” have the charisma it takes: Lauren’s too young, Jamie’s too timid, Lacey’s too legacy. It will be interesting to see Sabra outside of her partnership with Dominick (they’re so good together, it’s hard to evaluate them as individuals), but I think Sara has the most charm, attitude, natural skills, and good humor (not to mention the looks) to really propel her, despite not having the same level of formal training the others do.

Who I’m rooting for (in order)

  • Pasha/Dominick/Sabra/Sara
  • Lacey/Kameron
  • Danny/Neil/Jamie/Lauren

I can almost live with this order. But I like Neil’s personality too much to not want to move him up the list. He just seems like a lot of fun. But I also don’t think he’ll get the votes that he needs to make it realistic. I’m not as juiced about Pasha as others are, but have nothing against him. Danny seemed a bit more ‘real’ last night. He dropped some of the nose-in-the-air attitude, or maybe he was just more comfortable with that dance.

I actually wanted Danny out last night. I don’t like him, although I’m not really sure why. He’s just never captivated me like some other have. All of my favorite guys our out and of the girls only Lacey is left, so I’m rooting for her. Dominik has grown on me immensely though.
But wow, Sarah has a great body, although you wouldn’t know it because of the clothing she wears.

I wish they’d have both a male winner and a female winner. The whole dancing dynamic is very different for the two body types. I don’t want to see a guy dance like a gal or a gal dance like a guy. (I wish the same for other shows too, like American Idol.)


Oh. And I wish Cat would stop doing that stupid pause, waiting for the audience to complete her sentence with “JUDGES!”. When did that even start?

I wish Mary would quit picking up her drink before going out to collaborate with the others on who should be voted off. For some reason that just bugs the shit out of me. Can she not sit and talk with the others for TEN MINUTES without hydrating herself? (And, speaking of that, why hasn’t Coke or Pepsi come on board as sponsors so we could see some product placement a la Idol?)

And Mary’s outfits are awful. Cripes, who dresses her? It’s always so puritan and out of style.

Perhaps it’s just that Mary bugs the shit out of me, period.

I wasn’t surprised that Hok went home. They practically told him that he was going after his dance on Wednesday night. And Anya should have gone home after choosing that awful outfit.

Next week I look for Danny and Lauren to go. Danny’s a marvelous dancer but, like Nigel said, he’s missing that x factor that Neil, Hok and Dominick have.