So you think you can dance, 6/20-21

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Just watched Sabra and Dominic’s Contemporary routine. That was one cool piece.

the rest so far are not bad, but this one stood out so far.

Hok did a respectable job on the Samba, but I agree with Mary and Nigel, it wasn’t quite there, technique-wise.

Danny and Anya’s waltz was completely captivating.

I suspect the bottom three couples will be Hok and Jaime (sob!), Jimmy and Shauna, and maybe Faina and Cedric.

That sounds about right to me. There were a lot of really good performances last night, which is pretty impressive with so many people out of their comfort zones. I think I’ve got way too many favorites right now, but it’s still early in the game.

This season is a little different from the first season I watched. To me it seems like just about all of the dancers are very good, and adaptable. I really like the dance by Hok (hawk?) and his partner, and the lyrical dance done by the break dancing guy. It was nice to see him be able to break out of his style, and actually do well at what I consider to be one of the hardest styles to dance.

I thought it was a weird night. Mia seemed uncomfortable, often not quite sure what to say. I know she was in a funk over losing her favorite, but I don’t think that was the problem. Meanwhile, Mary and Nigel sort of ganged up on her, I thought.

As far as the dancers, I think Anya and Pasha are the best. Each helps their partner a lot.

I thought it was a strong night overall, with the 2 weakest being the hip-hop performances (Neil/Lauren, Jimmy/Shauna). If I had to ding a 3rd couple, I’m tempted to go with Faina & Cedric, but only because of him–she was terrific and was much better last week out of her comfort zone than he was this week out of his. I think she deserves to stay (certainly more than Shauna) and I hate to think he might drag her down prematurely. The only other couple that were a problem was Kameron/Lacey, but that was more because Broadway seems like a creative millstone on this show.

I’ll admit, though, that I never thought of Lacey nor Sara as a couple of hotties, but last night changed that–and I’m growing more enchanted by Sabra by the minute. My favorite routine was probably Pasha/Jessi with Anya/Danny close behind (though his demeanor still bugs a little). I also have to rank Jesus & Dominic high among the guys I’m continuing to enjoy (I exclude Hok because I’ve liked him from Day 1).

I’d like to see Shauna & Cedric go, which will repair Faina & Jimmy together–maybe not a great match, but better than either of their current partners.

I agree with** ArchiveGuy**.

As adorable as Cedric is, he’s not cutting the mustard. I love to watch him dance solo, but he’s got to be able to adapt to other styles and be a strong partner. Last night he blew it. I knew Mary was going to slay him, which she did, but it’s very painful to watch him confront their criticism without bursting into tears.

As far as the ladies go, I think Shauna is out of her league when compared to the other women.

I agree that the level of talent is quite daunting this year. A few stand out, however. Danny, Anya, Jessi, Lacey, Pasha, even Kameron…

I’m glad you mentioned Kameron. I keep forgetting to. I think he’s a very good natural dancer and a very good partner.

It makes me giggle when they show audience members holding up misspelled signs. How embarrassing… national tv.

Solos: what the hell was that that Jessi just did? Boy did that ever suck.

I would really like Pasha to be my pool boy.

Seriously, is Cat 6 and a half feet tall or are these kids all hobbits?

I have to say that I’m shocked at tonight’s cuts. I really expected that, of the three couples, Shauna and Cedric would go. It really seems unfair to send Faina home and keep Cedric when most of their problems were his. It seems like the judges are weighting the solos way over the coupled performances and that just doesn’t seem justified.

Of course, I’m not a dancer, so what do I know? :rolleyes:

I totally disagreed with who went home this week as well. It should have been Jessi and Cedric.

I agree with Opal - I’m tired of Cedric already. And what’s Jessi without her baby oil?

Yeah, she was just kind of flapping around in the World’s Least Flattering Dress ™

My list:



Basically for the girls, I’m going with who I think is the hottest. Although I have to admit, although I don’t like black girls, Sabra is growing on me, especially when she doesn’t have that 'fro thing going on.

If I were Shauna I’d be pissed that I’m getting Cedric as a partner.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been partial to black girls. I’ve always thought women from my own culture were beautiful, but the beauty of African women is sublime.

Did anyone else really like that zombie-ballerina/Thriller routine they started off the show with?

The “special guest” singer was a boring waste of time. Again.

I agree. Jessi is boring and Cedric’s just going to keep screwing up whoever gets stuck partnering with him.

Also: Pasha, Hok, Kameron and Jesus need to report to my harem immediately.

The girl decision was tough because:

(a) Jessi’s solo sucked, but she had no business being in the bottom 3 at all (I think her and Pasha were the top couple of the previous night)
(b) Shauna has been blah for both performances, but her solo was unquestionably the best of the lot, and
© Faina was in the bottom 3 for the second time in a row (though this time, it wasn’t even remotely her fault), and her solo wasn’t nearly as good as last week’s.

I would ordinarily have bumped Shauna, but if you have to “dance for your life”, that is indeed what she did, and she should get props for that. I’m no fan of Jessi herself, but there’s no way I’d send her home after delivering the best performance of the night before.

Which leaves Faina (who I’ve been a big fan of from the start). I don’t think she ever had any hopes of reaching the Top 10, and her partnership with Cedric screwed her over big time, but I think she would’ve gotten my kicked-off vote simply because she wasn’t the best at anything (couples or solo) this week. The other two were.

That being said, Jimmy got totally screwed. He’s been pretty “Meh” to me, but how in the world does Cedric get his superior partner booted but manage to hold out himself? His solo wasn’t any better than last week’s (in fact, he’s so “unique” that all his solos to me are interchangable), and he’s proven he’s no good as a partner (at least Jimmy was). Unless something miraculous happens for them (or something truly disastrous for another couple), I think it’s safe to say that Cedric & Shauna are gone next week–she’s nowhere strong enough to counterbalance the millstone that Cedric has become, particularly in the judges’ eyes.