Pick your Project Runway All-Stars

Groundrules are simple. Three competitors from a former season that you want to see again. Clearly no former winnrers. My first thought was that no one who made the final show would likewise be excluded but based on the last final, this might need to be waived.

My choices:
Malan Breton
Maya Luz
Rami Kashou

Mrs. Cad’s choices:
Mondo Guerra
Austin Scarlett
Uli Herzner

Hm. I’d go with Austin Scarlett, Epperson, and Nick Verreos.

To explain: I always thought Nick was kind of robbed–Santino wasn’t as challenged in my opinion but he brought the drama. Austin…well, he was meant to be in the final three originally! Too bad Nancy O’Dell picked Wendy Pepper’s dress. And Epperson–well, that was a season really slanted towards hip young people. Poor Epperson never stood a chance. Even though he produced that gorgeous frontier dress for the movie challenge. LOVED.

Korto–in any season other than the one she was on, I really believe she would have won. It was just her shitty luck that she was up against Leann rather than, well, pretty much any other winner ever.

Uncle Nick–as said above, he was robbed. I mean, honestly, being kicked off for making Daniel V look slightly, vaguely effeminate? Had they ever met Daniel V? Dude makes Rhett Miller look butch, and they both make me look like the Marlboro Man.

Michael Knight–when he had specific parameters to work within, his work was nothing short of amazing. He just lost the thread a bit when they turned him loose to do whatever he felt like, but now that he’s had a bit of time to really find his inward focus, I think he’d give Korto a real run for her money.

Er, to rephrase–I don’t think Santino was as good as Nick. My phrasing was weird up there.

I thought of Michael Knight but I felt weird choosing him since he was already in the final four. But I agree that he was great but didn’t do as well turned loose. And Korto was wonderful as well. Good choices, CCL.

Kara Janx

Mondo Guerra, Korto and I’m weighing my last between Nick Verreos, Kara Janx, Michael Knight, Laura Bennett and Wendy Pepper.

Yes, I said Wendy Pepper. Put aside whatever quibbles anyone had with her personality, I liked her aesthetic. I think her dress that won her the Banana Republic challenge is the intersection of fashion and clothing where this show is concerned. Which is, of course, why it won.

Though most likely I’d go with Kara Janx.

Kevin Johnn
Diana Eng
Andrae Gonzalo

I obviously liked the earlier seasons better.

Kevin was the best designer to me in the first season-- his bad luck at being made project leader was his downfall. Diana Eng had a unique aesthetic and she really thought a lot about each project-- she too was a victim of a team elimination. Andrae had some of the best pieces on the show (the ice skating costume and the gutter-inspired piece come to mind immediately).

I also liked Nora Caliguri, Chris March, Shirin Askari, and Mychael Knight.

I feel similarly about Rami and Christian. All of Christian’s outfits were the same during fashion week - bolero jackets and nothing else special.

Who was it that had a fashion week lineup that looked like the Derilicte Line from “Easy Money”?

Looks like PRAS is on!
First thing to do is to see how many of our choices got in.

Mondo because he was completely robbed.

Jillian for her coats. Korto for her use of color. Kara Janx because I loved her final collection. Austin Scarlett for his delightful asthetic and because he was robbed by Wendy of all people. Uli for her use of prints. Uncle Nick because his Barbie look was one of my favorite all time PR creations.

I’m looking forward to seeing Uli, Mondo, Rami, and Jillian. They should bring Christian back to judge.

Laura Bennett – for her class
Santino Rice – for his draping ability (even if the judges did get tired of it)
Uli – for her sense of color and fabric choices

Geez, I didn’t know how much I missed these designers until I got to thinking about past seasons. So much fun!

From the Lifetime website, here are the Project Runway All Stars:

**Austin **- He’ll be good for drama and crying on the runway
**Rami **- I never cared much for his “draping” style.
**Kenley **- I know she was hated, but I liked her designs and appreciated her confidence.
**April **- I liked her. She seemed to improve a lot as her season went along.
**Michael C **- I disliked his personality a lot. I’m not happy to see him here.
**Mondo **- I thought he was kind of overhyped in his season, mainly because his competition wasn’t very good. And I can’t stand the ridiculous outfits he wears.

No designer from Season 3? I’d like to see Robert Best or Kayne in the All-Stars.

And Chris March’s show debuts tonight on Bravo!

Saw the first episode.
I’m not familiar with some of the designers because there were a few seasons I missed but from the ones I do know I think they did a good job picking a range from capable and interesting (e.g. Sweet P, April) to those that were “robbed” (e.g. Rami, Mondo). Except Eliza. Why have her on except for the sheer squirrel-bait factor. Remember her from the spit-mark explanation?

Thank god she’s gone

I also don’t get the whole Michael C. thing. I must be missing something but in his season he was OK and a jerk. Must be part of theat “capable and interesting” group but I will not be upset when he goes.

The new hostess went to the Alison Sweeney School for Hosting a Reality Show. That is not a complement.

I think Issac should replace Michael Kors on the regular show.

When an obviously gay Issac to tell another Lambertesque gay contestant that, “It’s fashion, darling.” it came off as surprisingly not-gay. I told Mrs. Cad my observation. She now thinks I’m insane. But I do want to see the episode when Issac calls Austin “Starlette”

What do y’all think about the absence of Tim? No Heidi, huh, interesting. No Nina, no Michael, eh. No Tim? Sacrilege! I know last season he was reduced to the TimGunnBot, but I got the impression that wasn’t his doing. He was silenced on his blog and FB page, and was unusually useless in advice. I was completely surprised All Stars had an all new host/judges/workroom coach–was that announced earlier?

It’s nice to see actual talented designers working again–last season was an embarrassment.

However, they’re designing for Miss Piggy next week? Really? Really

And the most interesting thing I’ve picked up because of this switch? It’s now more about the clothes. Who would’ve thought?!?


I applaud the new judges/mentor/host. If any of the regulars were involved with this, it would cease to be a wholly separate show, IYKWIM.

However, they’re designing for Miss Piggy next week? Really? Really

I know. They had to throw a ridiculous challenge in there somewhere. It’s a PR commandment :headdesk:

Michael C. was the crybaby of his season. There were accusations either during his tenure on the show or right after his elimination that he intentionally “played it up” for the cameras in hopes of getting his own reality TV show (IIRC he’d also mentioned this to one of his fellow competitors and the camera caught it).

You’d have to troll the Lifetime archive to find clips from his season. His facial expressions were priceless.

He’s an incredibly annoying human being. I did not like him on his original season and I don’t like him now. That said this is the best season in a long while. At least these designers have talent and, better yet, basic sewing skills. Anya’s win last season nearly made me vow to never watch this show again. I half expect her to tell us that she bought an easy bake oven and now considers herself ready for a star turn on Top Chef.

Last week’s episode was great. There were only a handful of designs I didn’t like. Austin’s win was well deserved but several others (Mondo) could have easily been winners. Better yet I agreed with Sweet P’s elimination. She’s just not good at this.