Pick your Project Runway All-Stars

My picks would have been Laura Bennett, Uli, and Gordana and I got Gordana! Woo! :slight_smile: Heidi had a weird hate-on for Gordana, so I’m just pleased to see her again.

Laura Bennett gives her reason here as to why she isn’t playing this round. She would have been one of my choices!

My others? Some of them are already there: Rami (I think he’s overlooked much of the time); Mondo (of course); Austin (ditto); and Kara. I would love to see Ulli, Korto, and Uncle Nick compete again. Ditto Jerell – he went out much too early in his season, IMO.

Part of me wishes Chris March didn’t have his own show now because I’d love to see him compete again. He’s one of my all-time favorite PR alums.