Project Runway All-Stars Season 3

The question in the thread for the just-finished season of PR was “new thread or not” – I vote yes, so here it is.

Man, Seth Aaron looks like hell. Has he just gained weight, or is there something wrong with him?

I did a binge watch of every single episode of every single season this past summer, so I remember most, but not all, of the contestants. The black woman – drawing a total blank. Guess they just needed a black woman.

The nice thing about All-Stars is that there are no bad designers competing, at least this all-star season (Peach and the woman who spits both were there to fill out numbers in previous seasons).

Whaddya think? Too soon to start picking favorites?

The black woman is Korto Momolu. She came in second to Leann Marshall in season 5, so I don’t think shes’s an affirmative action pick. She’s an excellent designer.

Seth Aaron does indeed look like hell.

My money is on Korto, Melissa, or Seth (even though I don’t like him).

I find it extremely annoying that one of the all-stars was a season winner. That seems counter to the whole notion of “All Stars.”

Actually 3 of the contestants were the winners of their season.

And Jeffrey Siebella was on the first All Stars (the 2 hour special which was designed to reward Daniel V. who choked on his final collection). So Jeffrey is a double All Star! j/k

I’m boycotting this along with TLo so I must rely on this thread and TWoP to keep me abreast. I might turn on the finale though. There should be some good designs.

I loved Seth Aaron during his original season, but I honestly yelled at my television when his outfit was revealed. It looked practically identical to a ton of things we’ve seem from him, with no visible growth or change.

I suppose it’s possible that a lot of the designers fell back on things they’ve done before, and I just didn’t notice, but with Seth Aaron it was so obvious.

I went back and rewatched the S5 finale tonight – yes, of course, I remember her now. Freaking Kenley was the third person to make it to Fashion Week that season, which is why I’d managed to block out the whole thing.

I do like her clothes, and hope she does well.

“Making it look as if it was put on backwards – how creative!” Um, no, it was just put on backwards. it was OK but too 80s and not punk enough for me (a child of the 80s!).

It took me a minute to recognize Neck Tattoo with the new facial hair, but it reminded me how shortchanged his other children will be. He gave up the whole front of his neck to “Harrison”.

The judges are smoking crack again! I can’t believe they actually preferred Jeffrey’s abomination. They just have more faith in his talent.

I dunno, the plastic shit in Daniel’s was pretty ugly. Plus he’s annoying as hell. I’m fine with him going home.

I don’t know. Jefferey’s was ugly but it seemed the most “avant garde” to me. Googling avant garde fashion brings up a lot of images of bizarre pieces no one would actually wear off the runway, (Including many with their face covered!) so Michael Kors’ complaint that he couldn’t see a woman wearing it at a cocktail party was a bit odd. It’s not *supposed *to be something that would be worn elsewhere. I’m sure this one is worn to parties *all *the time.

OK, now this is weird. In that image search I found this outfit from an article published in 2010. That is *exactly *Jefferey’s outfit, in a different print! It was originally from Paris Fashion Week in February 2008 created by Martin Margiela.

So WTF? Did Jefferey just rip off that entire design?

Wasn’t he the one accused of cheating in his season?

Also, he looks…defeated.

:eek: Whoa. So he wasn’t the first one with the balls to send that down the runway.

I really liked Michael’s outfit, especially since he trashed his first attempt and started all over so late in the game. He’s got style.

Very suspicious that his design was so close to the other one. I posted about it on PR Facebook page and am interested to see if TPTB respond.

Wow. That’s pretty blatant.

Wait, is the the one with Mondo Guerra?

Mondo was on S1 of All-Stars. This is S3.

Maybe that will be Jeffrey’s schtick this season. The first time he was angry little peanut. This time he’ll gleefully plagiarize other designers knowing that the judges are not well-versed in fashion history–and the guest judges are downright ignorant. You can bet that Kors would’ve ripped him a new one.

Isaac Mizrahi, and while I love him to death, I agree with you. “At the end of the day, they’re clothes” – not in the case of avant garde pieces!