Project Runway - 2009

Tonight is the season premiere! plus a 2 hour All-Star show. Best quote so far? That freak Santino saying “Project Runway didn’t make me, I made Project Runway.”


Santino is a jackass. It makes perfect sense that he and Jeffrey are really close friends in real life, because I hate them both. I hate them both a LOT.

I feel really bad for Korto, though; her stuff is great, and I’ve never understood why they have their tongues so far up Daniel V’s rectum. Some of his stuff is nice, but most of it is…just butt-ass fugly.

We spent the whole hour of the new season saying things like “ooh, it’s the black Andre. Oh, there’s this season’s Christian. Well, there’s Spit Mark Girl.” I guess after this long you kind of have to start recycling personalities, but it’s kind of funny.

Agree with CrazyCatLady-- Daniel V’s stuff was fugly, and Korto was robbed. She deserved the win.

Tonight, I thought Ra’mon deserved the win. Christopher’s dress was OK but I didn’t love it. I was surprised that they auf’ed Ari and let Mitchell stay on. He blamed his model for lying about her measurements and sent her down the runway in a nightgown. That does not speak well of his ability to improvise in a time of crisis. Ari was annoying and her dress was lame, but hell, they let Blaine de Soleil stay on until almost the end last season, and she couldn’t have been as bad as him.

Did folks watch the Models of the Runway show? That should be interesting.

My wife and I hated Daniel’s ugly stuff tonight. They praised an outfit that looked like an East German athlete on a bad day.

Ironically, they gave Daniel the prize when his red-carpet dress was not a red-carpet dress, then on the regular show they auf’ed Ari for the same reason.

I skipped the All-Stars and the model show after, but I thought it was a good start to Runway on Lifetime.

I thought they were unfair with their dismissal of the difference in the model measurements for Michell (I think that at was his name, it’ll take me WEEKS to get them all straight). Heidi dismissed it as if it is normal for models to lie and said there were “no excuses” on Project Runway but I did feel as if that was unfair. It would be one thing if they had to take the measurements or go to meet their models before designing, but when you’re given a card with the information I feel that information should be right. PR should not be relying on the models to provide measurements, someone should TAKE their measurements.

There were a handful of dresses that I liked, but wasn’t crazy about the colors. Still, it looks like an interesting group and I was happy with the elimination.

I wonder if his original model dropped out right before the show and he ended up with her last minute replacement with completely different measurements. Of course, they may have addressed this in the model show, but I didn’t watch it. To those that did watch the model show afterward, is it worth watching? I know it’s only a half-hour, but I can’t imagine it being nearly as interesting as Project Runway.

I love this show. I don’t understand it but I love it.

Korto is annoying and full of herself (she did not deserve to win over Leanne) but she deserved the win tonight. Daniel’s stuff was just plain ugly. I would have placed him 5th or so behind many of the others including Sweet P and Uli. Oh and I hope Santino never graces my television screen again. He’s either mentally ill or just a complete jackass.

I didn’t get the bottom either on the regular episode. Ari may have been weird but at least she sent a dress down the runway. Mitchell did not.

Did you notice that how many inches off the measurements were kept changing? At first was just “off,” then it was 5", then when talking to the judges, 6". I think he may have been exaggerating to cover the fact that he just panicked. No one asked the model if her measurements were accurate, and she didn’t comment on it except to say that she felt like he threw her under the bus. So who knows? If this is as common a phenomenon as Heidi and Kors seemed to indicate, there should be some sort of Plan B, like seam allowances, to help make up the difference. Having to scrap the whole garment and start over seems like an extreme and somewhat ridiculous reaction.

Oh I agree he changed it from 5 to 6 but even if it was 4, that’s pretty significant. If he was incorrect she really should have said something about it especially after Heidi insinuated that models lie. Speaking of models lying, I could have sworn that Heidi was older than 36 but her Wiki says she was born in 1973.

I don’t recall any models ever speaking on the runway, so maybe she felt like she couldn’t. In any case, there ought to be seam allowances and he should have left space in the garment for a final fitting. I do think it was his fault that he had to scrap the whole garment instead of just having to take it in or let it out at the last minute. Don’t you think, in real life, if he were making a red carpet gown for some actress or singer, that she might not lie about her measurements? You have to be prepared for such an eventuality and not choke and make her wear a sheer caftan with a Victorian neck and tape on her butt to her premiere or the Oscars. More likely, she’d fire you and get an Armani or something instead.

Oh I agree he should have left some space, but 4 or more inches and it wouldn’t fit!

In real life if you’re getting a gown you have your measurements taken, something like that wouldn’t be left up to someone’s word. Designers need to know what they’re working with.

I’ve had jeans made for me by Make Your Own Jeans and a dress made for me for a wedding and measurements are taken. For the jeans I had to take my own but for the dress they took measurements. That’s what professionals do. If I was a designer on Project Runway and didn’t have access to the model until after I’d started my design I’d expect that the measurements on my card were accurate and done professionally, not like the equivalent of a model lying about her weight on her drivers license. I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

I’ve made couture for years as a creative outlet and hey

  1. huge seam allowances are sloppy. You have just added bulk to your design.
  2. letting out seam allowances needs to be done all the way around, not simply at the side seams or darts.
    Not the case with this guy’s (Mitchell’s) garment but if the design were complex; it’s a frustrating exercise. No model’s vanity deserves this sort of catering; she’s hindering the process she is supposed to serve.
  3. letting out a seam allowance will cause even the finest of machine needle marks to show. On fine or shear fabrics, especially with solid colors, it’s a disgrace.

That said Beige Boy’s (Mitchell) Victorian smocking: Boring.

When Picasso bodysuit girl (Ari) says, “tessellation forms.” I think, “really?”
Then Tim Gunn says, “a haltered diaper.” Well, that’s closer to reality.

tessellated means like a mosaic…yep, I had to look it up.
Loved the show, liked the personalities…a tessellated bunch.

I’ve only seen parts of this show (thank Og for the lack of scary tats and gages - I think Top Cheff scarred me for life) - but I just wanted to thank you for this site! What amazing prices - and their quality is good, too? Woo-hoo!

Did he mean 4" total, throughout the measurements, or 4" in one place, like hips, waist or bust? That wasn’t clear. If her bust was 1" bigger, her waist 1", and her hips 2", I think his seam allowances should have been adequate to the task.

As for the needle marks showing when you let your seams out, and that being a disgrace, well… more of a disgrace than not having a garment for your model to wear? People have sent whip-stitched Hefty bags and clothes glued onto the model down the runway. Some needle marks on sheer fabric would have been OK, I think, considering.

I missed most of the show and didn’t know what the challenge was until someone said “red carpet.” WTF was the hotpants girl thinking?

I didn’t understand the red baggy dress at all. But that’s usually the case for me–I will think something is bad and the judges will love it.

It confused me that there were more than one shows and I thought the second one was the usual multiple showing repeat thing they usually do so I only caught the All Star Challenge. I’ll comment onthat now and the other show later when I catch the repeat.

His stuff was a little too garish and disco, especially the second dress. The sparkly black bits on his dresses were nice but ruined by the rest of the outfit. The challenge dress was ok. The premiere dress was nice except for the fabric choice, elegant but not a wow. He was also really arrogant and obnoxious. Glad to see him go.

The pleats and folds and the blue color were nice. The shiny bits were again nice. The challenge dress was a messy garbage tornado. The premiere dress was horrid with it’s neon pink and yellow. Some of the work in the back was nice but ruined by the color scheme. Glad to see him go.

All her stuff was nice, I liked her collection a lot. The ruffles on her second dress were a little stiff looking. Her premiere dress was elegant and had a really nice mix of fabrics. The challenge dress was awesome, on par with Kato’s. I really really loved the mix of fabric and textures. The collection was really elegant and cohesive and the challenge dress was a stand out - she should have been in the top four.

Korto had a nice solid, wearable, elegant collection. The first dress stood out.The second was a nice modern professional outfit. THe challenge dress was really fantastic with the textures and creativity and cut. The print dress was nice, bold, and had a great form and cut. Very solid - she should have won.

Not what I would expect from him but nice solid collection. Everything looked very well made and store ready. The first two dresses looked too much alike and I didn’t like the color leggings. Also wasn’t a fan of one of the hoodies. The challenge dress was really fun, especially the breast cups. The premiere dress was really nice, although it did look a little heavy. Not the winner, but top four.

Horrible horrible stuff. The first two looked like something out of an 80s Olivia Newton John workout video. Horrid horrid. The challenge dress was terrible too - it might have been passable if not for the ugly and very poorly integrated black tubes which made her look like a suicide bomber. The premiere dress was very good though, possibly the best dress of the show. He must have won for that dress alone (and maybe because his first two had subtle details the judges liked) because everything else was a disaster. Should definitely not have one, unless they let him win for the one dress alone. Otherwise I’d put him at dead last.

I liked Jeff’s stuff a lot. The first was elegant if skimpy and had a gorgeous fabric. The second was also elegant with a great fabric, and the jacket worked really well. Third was ok, a little ragged. The challenge was pretty cool, maybe a little too punk and not the best color but the form and cut were cool as were the black strand details. I could have seen him in the top four.

Sweet Pea
Her collection was cohesive and definitely had a signature look that reminds one of her name. Not really to my taste, and not the best sewing, but cute and sweet look. I didn’t like the first one - that kind of dress just does not work at all in leather, and the folds all looked bizarre. The second was cute, looked a little like a 20s flapper thing. The challenge dress was cute and fun, although the top was too high and stiff. The premiere dress was a little too much like a night gown. On the borderline of making the top four.

I would have picked Uli, Korto, and either Jeff or Sweet Pea for the top four. Korto for the win.

What’s up with models never showing up for these things or showing up late?
I’d swear it’s producer created faux drama.
I can’t believe models wouldn’t be clamoring for face time on a hit show like this.

-Daniel won on his red carpet dress alone. The rest could be put in the trash.
-Mrs. “I love chunky jewelry” Korto isn’t as good as she thinks she is.
-It was a toss up who would get nixed between “i got nuthin” Michell and Space 2080 girl. I would have cut Michell personally since he really had nothing but I guess they gave him the pity “We’d like the opportunity to see what you can do” pass. And it was a bit unfair to 2080 gal. Yes her stuff was out there but they knew that when they invited her to be a contestant so it wasn’t really a surprise. Almost like she was set up as the sacrificial 1st cast-off.

I enjoyed the first show.

I really liked Christopher’s dress, it was cute and flirty. I didn’t understand Johnny’s, maybe it was better in person. Ra’mon’s dress was great.

The others were mostly above average, but what was up with the fabric Malvin used? It looked like burlap on screen.

Ari did deserve to go home, although it was probably a close call between her and Mitchell. If you take away the fact that Mitchell’s dress was sheer, it was just a better looking garment than Ari’s. I think if Qristyl had made her dress in a solid color fabric, she would have been overlooked for the bottom three.

I enjoyed both shows. Thought Korto should have won the All-Star Challenge w/ Daniel finishing in the back of the pack. Shows what I know about fashion I guess.

Thought a good choice was made on who went home in the premiere of the regular show, though honestly it could have been any one of several people.

Did any “Make Me a Supermodel” fans notice Mountahamodeling in the All-Star Challenge. Good to see her working!