Project Runway - 9/2

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First a comment about the challenge. I think if they’re going to give 3/4ths of the contestants model-sized models, then all of them should get that opportunity. Or give them all plus-sized models. But to throw a couple curveballs in there just isn’t fair to the contestnats or the models.

Gretchen is just digging herself a hole, isn’t she? And I don’t see Michael C. making those comments about Ivy, especially in front of cameras and his model. I can see him possibly saying something to his model - I’ve heard designers say orse about their competitors to their models. As for the outfits, I really didn’t see anything special about Michael C’s dress, and thought the original was simple and classin. It just goes to show I have no taste. Michael D’s dress was just a mess. it didn’t help that his model was plus-sized versus all the skinny models, but it just looked to me like he shortened the dress and put the netting over it. He was only saved because I don’t think Peach’s dress could’ve been any worse. It looked like she was trying to be auffed. And she succeeded. Gretchen’s design did nothing for me. THe front was okay, but I hated it from the back. And her "you can put a blazer on for an office look?"Puhlease. I was impressed with Casanova’s look. Not something I’d wear, but it looked fashion-y (as opposed to looking like “clothes”). Ivy’s design looked like it could’ve come from JC Penney. Mondo’s design was a very impressive transformation and a flattering dress. And the judges were absolutely right when they said that Valerie’s dress looked like a tennis dress. I was thinking it looked like something athletes would wear at the opening ceremonies.

Again I thought the designers, the whole room of them, couldn’t’ve been worse to Michael C on his win. I didn’t like his dress but he was the winner and he deserves support… Hateful bitches, all of them.


They should rename this season “Project Runway: High School Edition” for all the cattiness and back-stabbing.

I found it interesting that the judges actually discussed how last week Michael C was thrown under the bus for his lack of skills, but the judges thought he showed good design and skill in executing his dress. I am going to say (again) that I don’t think it translated to the screen well. There was a lot of design that got lost on the dress because it was black satin that was hard to see unless you were in the room with it. Personally, I didn’t like the lace part, but that is just me.

Christopher’s was impressive, but I wasn’t all that excited about Mondo.

Peach wasn’t awful, it was just semi-awful. That extra ruffle was what did it. I think her design was suburban mom, which got her booted. There was really nothing interesting about it.

Valerie’s was a trainwreck, although she tried.

I really liked Andy’s and April’s. Casanova was ok, Gretchen was ok, but WTF is with her and the high boot? Ivy was spared the bottom, I don’t think her pants fit well.

In the previews, it looks like another team challenge and it seems like they are throwing Michael C under the bus again.

I actually thought Michael D’s dress was pretty cute. I didn’t think it was unflattering, plus I like the baby-doll silhouette with the jacket. Maybe it did look really cheap in person - I can see how it would be too “mall shop” for them.

I was glad Michael C won just to have that “haHA” moment, but I wasn’t too crazy about his dress. There was too much going on for me in the architecture, but I do love black lace. I think Mondo should have gotten the win - I do wish he had accessorized it a little more and added some panda eye makeup. 60s mod can be a lot of fun, and I think it’s really hard to do pink and black without being campy.

Looking over the recap on the Lifetime website, I must have completely blocked out Andy’s outfit. I did like it, though (and his mohawk!). Gretchen’s was just really confusing to me. I don’t think I’ve liked a single thing Ivy has done.

I’m sad to see Peach go as I really liked her as a person, but that was a really awful dress. Also I feel like she used the same dress shape in every challenge. I hate that she puts ruffles on everything where they clearly have no business being.

I don’t watch a lot of reality shows where people are encouraged to be complete twatwaffles (except Rock of Love) and I’m not enjoying the attitude they’re getting with Michael C. Ivy outright lied about what he was saying about her (and the editors cut it in such a way for the previews to make Michael actually look guilty, which was a shit thing to do), everybody was openly disgusted with his win, and it’s clear they’re not going to leave off him. It’s a ridiculous level of bullying, and it’s going to continue as long as Ivy and Gretchen are there to encourage it. Of course the producers will continue to do their best to showcase it and make drama, but I don’t need a weekly dose of mean girls.

Can Gretchen’s frowny face get any more frowny? It was almost comical just how much like a half circle her mouth looked when Michael C. said he won.

I liked the model who said “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have a vertical bow in the center of my chest.” And I actually didn’t hate April’s model’s original dress (the silver pleated thing) as bridesmaid’s dresses go, it wasn’t bad.
I wish they’d all had the same dress to work with, it would have been more interesting to me to see what direction they all took with the exact same starting point.
After Casanova picked his model, the rest should have been assigned randomly. I don’t need to see the fat girl get picked last. It’s unpleasant, uncomfortable television. We all know that the designers don’t like to work with non-size-0 models; I don’t need it rubbed in every season and I don’t like that the production company does it for fake drama, there’s more than enough fake drama anyway.

He put a black overlay on the dress. I haven’t seen the close ups yet, but from my screen, it still looked like a bridesmaids dress, just for an evening wedding rather than an afternoon one. If Peach’s hadn’t been so awful, that one would have lost.

Gretchen’s Mommy needs to have a word with her. The response she and Ivy gave Michael C’s win was inexcusable in anyone over the age of four.

If the exposure of being on Project Runway can be a career boost, surely being seen by millions as a petulant immature egotistical bitch could do the opposite. Who would hire Gretchen (or mini-bitch Ivy) after watching her on the show?

I’ve seen several designers / makeover crews put plus-sized women into dresses of the style Michael D came up with. Speaking as a plus-sized woman . . . just no. Put me in something classic and well-fitted. I don’t want to look like a huge ruffled beach ball with legs.

Really, is there a less flattering look for the average fat chick? That sort of dress makes models with concave stomachs look 5 months pregnant, ffs, and us fat girls have plenty of belly without any help from the damn dress. She not only still looked like a bridesmaid, the poor girl looked like a shorter, wider bridesmaid than she had before. As you say, just no.

I as happy that Michael C. won, if only to see the expressions on Gretchen and Ivy’s face go even sourer than before. The kid could have sent his model down in a washer bikini a la Emilio Sosa last season and I would have been rooting for him.

I did indeed love Tim Gunn bitching them out last week for letting Gretchen manipulate them. Go Gunn!

When they named Michael the winner, i yelled “Suck it, bitches” at the television.

Seriously, those fucking sourpuss slags all need a good kick in the twat.

I would have voted for Mondo, but seeing Michael win was just sweet, sweet comeuppance for the bitch brigade, especially Ivy and Gretchen. And Andy was pretty disappointing too.

During the first half of last week’s episode, i actually had a little bit of sympathy for some of the criticisms they were making about Michael. He did seem a little out of his depth at times when the others were trying to explain things to him, and i understand that it might have been a bit frustrating for them.

But their attitude on the runway, where they just threw him under the bus, lost any sympathy from me, and this week’s performance was kindergarten stuff. I think that what Ivy said about Michael at one stage was particularly ridiculous: she suggested that he lacked integrity. It seems to me, based on what we’ve seen, that even if you have an issue with his designs or his skills, he actually seems like a very honest and straightforward sort of guy. I completely believed him when he said he had not been slagging Ivy off to the crowds behind her back.

That fucking Ivy needs to go. Her clothes aren’t that great, and she’s acted from the beginning like she’s totally hot shit. I’ll be happy when we see the back of her.

Bolding, mine. Thanks a lot for making me try to pronounce that word. I can’t stop trying.

It’s so easy. Rhymes with powerer, doncha know?

I think they should have ALL had plus size clients/models to leval the playing field. It wasn’t right to have just one(well, there was another one who was not a size 6)

I think Peach wanted to go. She made a cutting mistake which isn’t like her at all.

I liked Michael C’s dress- edgy, cool, architectural, textured- fab.
Casanova’s was also pretty cool. I liked April and Mondo too. Gretchen should have been in the bottom. Hers was just awful- cream ombre tunic + maroon lace mini skirt+thigh high beige suede boots=hot mess.

You know what- Casanova is the one who obviously has great construction skills, and he says Michael C has good skills- everything else from"Team Luxe" just seems like sour grapes because Gretchen’s big collection was fugly as hell.

Saying you can only buy 2 yards of fabric is only fair if everyone a) starts with the same yardage in their garments and b) starts with the same size model. 2 yards goes further with a size 0 in a floor length meringue than a size 16 in a sheath.

Good point Irishgirl. I didn’t even think about how much yardage they had.

Ivy needs to eat a donut and someone needs to slap Gretchen…I would love to see Christian Siriano do it.

Although I like Michael C, I did not like the dress he made and I thought April should have won.

I don’t have the link handy (posting mobile) but the guys over at Project Rungay have posted an interview with Peach. Apparently Michael C. is getting a far more sympathetic edit than he deserves.

However, I think Mondo should’ve won, and Ivy needs to STFU until she’s won a challenge. Her stuff is nothing to write home about.