Project Runway 9/9

The Michael Kors challenge! Where the designers take a boat ride and get to nibble on cheese and fruit while sketching ideas on resort wear.

Paired up by chance with an added twist to the challenge -

Big surprise win imo, the Fredericks of Hollywood take on Hard Rock Rehab resort wear. Andy’s bathing suit was nothing new, but I liked his wrap skirt -

Ivy and M.D. barely holding it together , it was a good match, I thought he was going to do a headstand at one point just to reverse her crazy energy.

Mondo and M.C. brothers by the end!

Not much model drama going on, wonder if they’e axed the models show?

I did peek at the PR 2011 fashion show, and WOW! I have my final three picks how about the rest of ya?

Ivy is very lucky Casanova was still around. His outfit did not come near the resort theme in any way. Ivy’s was a completely plain top and a completely plain bottom in completely neutral colors. There’s no way to blame that on someone else’s construction skils. I think Ivy needs to go soon.

April’s winning design was interesting but a bit odd. I thought it looked closer to lingerie than resort wear. I was surprised Kristen Bell said she would wear it on the red carpet (though I wouldn’t mind seeing it).

Andy’s cover-up/wrap was beautiful the way it flowed coming down the runway.

Loved the Mondo/Michael C dynamic.

Andy’s was very wearable and still very beautiful.

April’s wasn’t my style, but it was cute.

Mondo’s was horrible for an adult, but cute for a junior or a kid. That saved him.

I think the judges were looking for a reason to vote off Casanova. He gave them one.

My take on Ivy is that she is such a control freak and a manager that if she had just let him go with her vision, everything would have been fine. She can’t let anything go, so she ended up screwing herself over. Also, Michael D was way too passive in dealing with her. He let her walk all over him and it ended up screwing her.

I thought Gretchen’s and Valerie’s outfits were boring and Micheal C’s fabric choice was distasteful.

I’m going to miss Casanova. He was kind of a mess as a designer, but he was entertaining. Mostly, I’m going to miss Heidi saying “Cazza-NOOOO-vaah”.

I thought Andy’s swimsuit with wrap skirt was lovely and should’ve won, but apparently this week the judges were into black things with strange straps and cutouts. I suspect that the models had to be sewn into these outfits and that a normal woman would not be able to put them on without assistance.

I didn’t like Ivy’s thing at all and expected it to be in the Bottom 3.

Cassanova’s designs may be too sedate for Project Runway, but there’s a huge market out there for beautiful clothes for older women, and I think he will do well. In the early episodes, Cassanova seemed to be a basket case, but he turned out to be a real sweetheart.

Speaking of basket cases . . . Ivy really is a bucket full of crazy. I wanted her gone. Her BS about having to dumb down the design to fit MD’s sewing skills was pitiful. I could’ve made those clothes.

There’s a lot of news about Project Runway at Fashion Week. It seems that 10 Project Runway designers (including Cassanova) presented collections. This was done as a ruse to keep the identity of the three finalists from being leaked.

And why, dear Lord, why Jessica Simpson?

I really admire Mondo for apologizing for his initial attitude to Michael C. It takes courage to admit you are wrong, especially on national tv. I think April’s design was trashy and more along the lines of lingerie, but Heidi loved it (short, tight, but not shiny enough). I also think Andy should have won. Casanova’s outfit was classy–I’d wear it, but then I have no idea what “resort wear” is.

Ivy for the auf next week, please.

Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay have their collections up.

I liked Michael C’s, Ivy’s and Christopher’s collections. I am on the fence with Andy. I wasn’t thrilled with April’s or Gretchen’s. April and Micheal D went for the Derelicte look.
Casanova’s was interesting…

I wasn’t all that surprised that April won, considering that Michael Kors essentially told her exactly what to do.

Andy got robbed.

I must ask the question, WTF is up with Heidi’s hair? I am the only one who hates it?

Correction: I didn’t like April’s thing and was surprised when it won.

Sometimes I wonder if the winner is chosen for reasons other than their design. This week April moved in with Team Narcissism; her win can be exploited for drama.

I thought April’s design was horrifying - the model’s boobs looked tiny and saggy. I can’t believe Casanova was aufed over Ivy. He at least had a LOOK, she had a pale green BLOB. Plus, he has been my favorite ever since “plush puppies.”

So true. April’s wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t BEST with how lovely Andy’s was. It was totally Kors.

I cannot stand Ivy. Her laugh makes me want to change the channel.

While we were watching, i said to my wife that Michael Drummond should have just said to Ivy, “Shut the fuck up, get away from me, and just let me make the goddamned clothes.”

Not only would it have been fun to watch, but i think it would have benefited Ivy because he would have actually done a better job without her constant harping.

Count me as someone else who was impressed by Mondo’s turnaround. I had, in fact, been surprised by how harsh he was towards Michael, especially given Mondo’s revelation early in the season that he has always felt like an outsider. People who feel like that are often more sensitive to the frailties of others, and it was good to see him admit he was wrong.

Next week show previews: Jackie Kennedy wouldn’t wear goth and Jackie Kennedy wouldn’t have camel toe HEHEH:D

I don’t know what the judges were going on about saying that Cassanova’s outfit was matronly. I didn’t think that at all. Yeah, it was a little bland, but Ivy’s was extremely bland. Hers was way worse, so that and trying to blame it all on Michael I was thinking that she should have gone home. But I bet the producers have a say and they wanted to keep her for drama’s sake.

This was horrible. Not one part of it fits right!

I agree the swimsuit should have taken the win. Oh well.
Someone please shoot Gretchen. All her clothes are baggy and flappy and horrid. Everything looks like she’s making clothes 4 sizes too big and cinching them in random places so they don’t fall off her model.

Funny, I like that best of all. The look, the colors. I was hoping that it would win.

What was with all the bland colors and black for resort wear? I am sorry but resort wear should have some pizazz and zing. Pops of color everywhere. When I go on vacation it is a chance to get to wear something I could never get away with at the office. I was surprised none of the judges mentioned this.

Mondo’s was indeed cheap looking, but at least he used fun colors.

Andy should have won, hands down. The colors were luscious, it was tasteful, and looked unusual without appearing to be uncomfortable. As Nina said, it looked expensive, too.

April’s was just gross. Those straps hanging off her shoulders were unattractive and made her boobs look saggy. Only Betty Page could truly rock that look.

If you offered a thousand women a choice between Cassanova’s losing design and April’s winning design, I bet only a couple would choose April’s thing. What the hell is it? It seems unwearable – except supposedly by Kristen Bell on the Red Carpet. I predict that we will not see Kristen on the Red Carpet wearing that design or anything remotely like it – although it would be a good way to get attention by being on all the Worst Dressed lists.

I was surprised at the hate for Mondo’s creation. It looked very Katy Perry to me.