Pickled jalapeños left out of fridge...

In that situation, I would take a good look for mold, now and each time you use them until they run out.

Absent any mold, I’d eat them.

As everyone is saying, pickled veggies are ok unrefrigerated.

I dug into this a few years ago because I habitually wanted my pickles room temp. Someone argued about that fancy-brand that requires theirs to be kept in the refrigerated section.
After some prying, the company finally admitted that “keep refrigerated” was often a “food performance” issue, not quality. That is to say, they wanted to retain a certain “crispness” and snap to the pickle, but really didn’t affect spoilage.

Hehe, I’m going to eat some that were probably picked a week ago, and have been sitting out at room temp since then. I’m pretty sure you could get away with leaving pickled ones out that long. But you should probably smell them and check 'em for mold, either way.

Anyone rich, important, or paranoid enough would employ a taster to check for toxicity. Anyone not TOO broke would toss them out and buy another 26oz / 737g can of jalapeños for a buck at Dollar Tree. Me? I take my chances. They haven’t mutilated me yet.