Pickled jalapeños left out of fridge...

Left them open and out of the fridge for 2 days…vinegar should have kept them OK to eat, right?

Two days? I don’t see an issue.

You should be fine.

excellent user/post combo…

I concur you’ll likely be OK.

I’m always amused by the fact that Trader Joe’s brand pickles say “no preservatives” on the label. Uhhh, then what do you call all that vinegar and salt?

Yeah, but there’s probably chemicals in there!

Acetic acid and sodium chloride! Run for the hills!

All mixed in a stew of diHydrogenMonoxide!

They were still in the jar, right?

No…spread out all over the counter. Good thing the cats didn’t get at them.


Nah! Just kidding. They’re fine.:wink:

Pickling, salting, and drying foods, are for people without refrigerators or appetites. If hungry enough, you’ll eat ANYTHING, including your left foot, without mustard. Pickled peppers out for a few days? Piffle. I’ve eaten Fresnos that walked up to me on the back porch and said bad things about my family. Feisty li’l critters!

Sure, but not if it had ketchup on it. I’d starve first.

Sicks Ate, I realize the sight of food outside the fridge unnerved you, but think about it: what was first, the refrigerator or preservation methods such as pickling, salting, drying, smoking or canning?

I’d be more concerned about them being open than out of the fridge. I’d look to see if anything got in them. You can full on store pickled items outside the fridge, but you need to keep the lid on them.

That is, assuming they are properly pickled, and not like “refrigerator pickled” where the pickling is lighter due to being able to keep them in the fridge. But I’ve not really heard of lightly pickled jalapenos being sold.

Well that was my thought… I figured they’d be ok. And I’m still alive this morning!

This thread got hilarious real quick :slight_smile:

This is the potential problem. Some manufacturers have been “pickling” just enough to create the flavor without having the concentrations needed to prevent spoilage.

It’s probably fine, but you’ll have to use your own senses to decide.

What is a Fresno? Is it tasty?

I know it as a type of chile pepper.

A type of pepper, similar in heat to a serrano. I think they’re tasty and I like to grow them in my garden.