picky stereo

I’ve this stereo for almost a year and the damn thing suddenly decided to just stop playing burned CD’s. I’ve been trying to play CD’s that have never given me any trouble and now it says that there is no disc in the tray. Does anyone know what the reason may be?

I’ve had this problem before and following are my solutions :

1> Check to see if you correctly finalized the CD session. SOmetimes the software does’nt finalize the CD session for you to add more files to it. Also, most stereos wont play CD-RWs.

2> CHeck the CD surface. I clean the CDs by spraying it with stereo head cleaner and wiping in clean with a soft paper towel ( many say to use just water )

3> CD lens (You are not supposed to touch it). But I have to routinely clean my CD lens with the same method.

Hope it helps