"Pico & Sepulveda" (novelty song)--lyrics??

This song, written by Jule Styne and Eddie Maxwell, was recorded by the “Felix Figueroa Orchestra,” a stage name for Freddy Martin’s band.
Pico and Sepulveda
Pico and Sepulveda
[sung repeatedly by backup chorus]
Doheny…Cahuenga…La Brea…Tar Pits!(etc.)
Then there’s a part I can’t make out after:
You can keep Alvarado, Santa Monica, even Beverly Drive;
Vine may be fine
…and settle down in my love Pico & Sepulveda…(etc.)
I can’t make out the unintelligible lyrics, in Martin’s original or in the version by the Roto-Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band.
Any Dopers know?

*Doheny, Cahuenga, La Brea…Tar Pits. (Tar Pits!)
La Jolla, Sequoia, La Brea…Tar Pits. (Tar Pits!)

You can keep Alvarado, Santa Monica, even Beverly Drive.
Vine may be fine, but for mine I want to feel a-live…
and settle down in my love Pico & Sepulveda…

La Brea Tar Pits,
Where nobody’s dreams come true.*

Repeat all above…

a) I have never lived in California, let alone LA.
b) I have only about half the song because of my sucky 56K modem.
c) Hi, Opal! (Man, I’ve always wanted to do that!)

So I may be wrong on the spelling or the assumption that the song merely repeats.

Did Dr. Demento introduce you to this fine piece of orchestral and vocal work, or did you come at it some other way?

I did indeed get it from the Dr. Demento show, on KLSX-FM in Los Angeles, in 1989. :slight_smile:
I was up that way (the intersection is accessible from the Culver City 6 bus and the Santa Monica 7 bus) about a week ago. The song is right–nobody’s dreams would come true there; Pico and Sepulveda is nothing to crow about.
Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Never heard this song. I live right by the Tar Pits. This explains a few things…

I can’t pass that intersection without thinking of that song. BTW: There’s a great “production number” of it in The Forbidden Zone.