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      • What kind of pictures do you have on your walls? I guess most have family photos and childrens’ artwork if you’re a parent, but besides that? - I ditched my collection of Rush posters a number of months back and now am leaning towrds art nouveau prints, mostly Alphonse Mucha (“The Stars” is my own favorite) and Maxfield Parrish landscapes. Also stone sculpture of DaVinci or Bernini (I can make a rock look like a person, but not the way they could). - MC

I have my son’s art in the kitchen, and the rest of the house is adorned with family stuff and the rest are mostly all different angels. Something kind of peaceful and reassuring about having something so beautiful looking down at you.

I have a Mucha calendar in my kitchen. In my bedroom I have a Nagel print and a print with a black cat on it that says “Tournee du chat noir,” or something close to that. I need to decorate some more.

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

I used to have a whole bunch of movie posters, but haven’t put them up again for years.

I currently have just two things:

A Tarzan poster I got free from the nice folks in the Disney store.

A signed numbered print of ‘The Druid Stone’ by Keith Parkinson.

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I’m so ashamed. I don’t have anything on my walls. I want to put stuff up, I really do. It’s just one of those things I can’t seem to get around to. In my kids’ room, I did hang a picture that my sister gave me, a very soft & sweet painting of a mother & baby. That’s the only thing up, though.

Unless you count the refrigerator. I personally believe that refrigerators were created specifically as a hanging place for kid’s artwork (that you can store food in them is just a bonus). I have many drawings on my fridge. Looks better than the Louvre, IMHO. :slight_smile:

I, being an artist, have original art everywhere. Say, anyone wanting to sell early california art, Ill buy. me love.

I like to put up Ansel Adams’ prints, and anything that looks like old Renaissance-era nautical maps in the living room.

In my “fun-room/office/study” I have several “technical cut-away” posters of various Star Trek and Star Wars vessels in frames.

The only reason my girlfriend hasn’t moved in with me is that I refuse to compromise on my Adams’ prints (they’re reproductions, but still…).

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She wants you to get rid of your Adams prints?? Geez, I could see it if you had Spiderman and a bunch of Playboy centerfolds everywhere, but … ADAMS?? Tsk.

We have a bunch of stuff I either need to hang or get rid of. I’ve only put things up in the upstairs living room and the office.
Bookshelves and a bulletin board (and soon–some big maps) in the office. There’s a giant mirror, a Renoir print and a Monet print in the living room. I’m loathe to put anything else up until the house we’ve finished redoing the house.

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“ChrisCTP-…the sweetheart of the SDMB…” --Diane
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Since this was my grandparents house before I moved in, there are family photos of generations and reunions past. I’ve put up a number of framed maps from local atlases (dated 1868 and 1903). I’ve also put up frames filled with old postcards that I’ve collected since I was a kid.

Pictures of my kids are the bulk of my wall adornments. I have kept all seasonal/holiday artwork they have made for me since preschool, so there is always that as well, tho it changes frequently. In the living room there is a Van Gogh, a Picasso , a Dali, and an O’Keefe. Near the bookshelves I have lots of little pictures of children’s book illustrations, e.g. Where the Wild Things Are, Charlottes Web, Curious George, etc. etc.
The boys room is pure comic book, sci-fi, sports mayhem. tons of x-men,spiderman,star wars,baseball, and the newest additions,wwf.

My room is simple, a Monet, a Klimt, and some little pics with soothing words such as “dream”, “serenity”, “relax”, etc.

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I have an original abstract floral-very bold and vivid in the dining area, two landscapes my mom did in oils, in the living room, and in my room, I have some vangogh prints in frames (strarry night is my all time fave!)

Of course there arepics of my kids, my brothers kids, and one of me & ange at her wedding last year, all in frames all over the place.

One thingI’d like to add, slightly off topic.

If you are a parent, make sure you ALWAYS carry pictures of ALL of your children. I had the greastest mum in the world but the only thing she ever did to slightly irritate me was. When she died I was going through her purse at the hospital to find the insurance card and she had pictures of my dad, my sister and my two brothers but
none of me. It made me feel slighted.

Not a one. Been living here 20 years: never had any.

Pictures of my adorable son. I almost bought a Brittney Spears poster just to be funny.But I didn’t.

When I was a video clerk I used to be able to get movie posters for free, so I used to collect them. I wouldn’t collect these posters for their monatary value (because they have none), I would use them as a poster-wallpaper and had my bedroom adorned with them. I always thought it was the coolest thing in the world when you’d go in my room and have all 4 walls completely covered, including the ceiling, with posters of my favorite movies. (my favorite movie posters are 12 Monkeys, Starship Troopers and Scooby-Doo on Zombie island!)

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My home is boring - Just a gold record on one wall.

My office, however, features “The Wall Of Fame,” which is a collection of posters, pictures, flats, stickers, used ticket stubs, an autographed drum head by Sanctuary, an empty pack of Black Death smokes, an Elvis Presley Blvd. sign from Graceland, menus from a Thai place in LA, a Mexican place in NYC, and tons of other doo-dads all arranged very haphazardly.

Yer pal,

A large banner from the Chicago Art Institute (the kind they hang from the light poles to advertise a new exhibit), a couple French Impressionist reproductions (Rainy Day in Paris, Two Sisters on the Terrace…), some old botanical drawings (you know… some picture of a fern with “This is a fern” written next to it all stylized) and the bathroom is graced with a picture of some manical looking fairy things launching one of them on what appears to a be a paper airplane made of wood and fired with a rubber band.

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I’ve decided now that I’m a grown-up (?!?) that everything on my walls has to be frameworthy, so due to the cost of framing it’s taking me longer than I’d hoped to get everything up. Bedroom: Framed one-sheet (that’s trade lingo for “movie poster”) of “Hudsucker Proxy” (first date with hubby, and a cool Deco-ey poster), a supa-bad "Speed Racer poster that is actually a huge ad for the Volkswagen GTI (remember that campaign?) but you can’t really tell unless you’re looking for it. Also, I’d had these Beatles 8X10 reproductions of pull-out type posters lying around forever and I just recently found a large frame and mat that was classy looking enough and at a reasonable price so THOSE are finally up. (I tried looking on the web so I could show you exactly which images, but honestly I don’t know where to start.) Guestroom: Animation cel of Tom (of “& Jerry” fame) with sketch. Framed limited edition Dezo Hoffman print of Beatles leaping into the air, and a trio of framed 8x10s from my high school photography course. (note-this room was formerly filled with posters of Ben Grieve and other Oakland A’s junk, but I decided to give up baseball entirely due to the fact the those guys just don’t appreciate me, humph!) Kitchen: several framed Pyrex ads from 50’s and 60’s magazines to accompany my massive Pyrex collection. Stairway: Pez collection in shadowbox and two pictures of my husband as a child, one of them with his brother who died at the age of 9. It’s one of only two pictures of him we own. That’s about it aside from the usual wedding, family junk all over the place.

I’m near Ansel Adams home area & met him once, got his signature on his Art Show invitation. It sits in a box. I should get it framed. tsk