Pictures on Old Trivial Pursuit Boards

I saw Cecil attack the question about monopoly pieces, so this got me thinking. On the old Trivial Pursuit Board (Genus 1) What on earth are some of those pictures, can anyone name them all, and if not, is there some “offical” reasoning for them being there? ((well yeah they are trivial, but besides that)) Also, why did angels adorn the pie piece “headquarters” ?

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•Are “old Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition” boards different from new ones?

• Got JPEGs?

As I remember them they were just stylized icon-like representations. Don’t remember explicitly what they were, but something akin to an astrolabe for Science and a football for Sports. Seeing them again would help.

The version I remember definitely had photographs, of a wide variety of subjects. Sometimes they seemed relevant to the category, sometimes not (I seem to recall, for instance, that the Shuttle launch was a different category space than the lunar rover). Most of them were people, I think, though I hardly recognized any (I’m not great at recognizing celebrities).

The version I have doesn’t have photographs, it has diagrams of various items. They seem to be related to the category that they lead to or the color they’re related to. Some of them are so odd that I can’t make out what they mean, but some are pretty clear.

My copy of the orginal Genus edition, purchased sometime not too long after its debut, does have photos on the spaces.

Do you need help identifying particular pictures? If so, I might be able to help.

This version seems to be the one I recall. This is on the older -older sets. No pictures, but rather line drawings of Items that are hard to define. Kinda get the feeling your looking through random patent notes or something similar.

I didn’t have one in particular, but was curious overall, as to how they found the pictures, and what uses they could possibly have. Like a pictoral Balderdash if you will.

Then again, Trival Pursuit and I are both from 1982… so for me its not that old of a set. the 20th anniversary edition made for a great Birthday present though. :slight_smile:

This is the best picture of the board I could find. As far as the pictures, an article about the inventors mentions the artist:

Not much more than a line of information, and similar to this article (this link caused lot’s of spybot warnings):

I thought your question was interesting, but didn’t find much more than that in way of answers.

The last game of Trivial Pursuit I played was the all-1980s version. I protested that it was unfair, seeing as how I wasn’t alive for the first couple years, had no memory of another third of the decade, and only somewhat patchy memories of the rest of the decade. This protest was to no avail, as apparently we were supposed to actually have learned about the 80s somewhere.

This is the best picture of the board I could find.
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Ok, round 2… why the angels?