When was the last time you played Trivial Pursuit?

This game used to be everywhere, but haven’t played it in years. You?

At least 10 years, probably 15 to 20.
I used to enjoy it though.

1984, maybe 1985 at the latest. I don’t have the game anymore and I’m not sure what happened to it; it was probably sold in a yard sale.

Christmastime 2019. My family usually plays when we’re all together for the holidays.

A few years ago. Played with my wife and a friend one night when we were on vacation at the beach.

I played very regularly about 12 years ago. A group of work friends would meet and do trivia from it over lunch. We eventually gave up on the board and rolling and just went through the cards. Had 7 or 8 different editions picked up at thrift stores and went through every card on each of them. Last I checked they were still in that break room at work, although I don’t think anyone has played them for years.

Interesting note: going through all the questions on a card doesn’t work with newer editions. The old cards were just grab-bags, but the new ones have themed cards where every question on a card is about a different aspect of the same thing, which works fine when you pull a card and read one question on it for the game, but not if you’re just running through them.

Probably around 1998 with a small group of current and former Dopers at a small Dopefest in Wokingham, UK.

Actual Trivial Pursuit I haven’t played since sometime in the '80s, but during Thanksgiving week I played many games of Half Truth, a similar trivia game co-designed by Ken Jennings. Like Trivial Pursuit, we found that it was more fun just to try to answer the questions on the cards rather than going through the complex playing instructions, moving pieces around the board, etc.

Only played it twice, years ago. Won both times. The questions were easier than I was led to believe.

About six months ago with my parents. They have the German edition from 1984, and our family has been playing it regularly since then. It’s astonishing how every time, seemingly new questions come up. And if you don’t have a clue, just say “Ronald Reagan”, it’s the most frequent answer of that edition.

Last year or maybe early this year, played over Zoom

I remember playing (using an original “Genus” set, from the early '80s), maybe a decade or so ago, but it was the first time I’d played it in a long while. We played it an awful lot during the '80s.

Sometime in the mid '90s, some friends of mine gave me a Star Wars TP set as a Christmas present. We opened it up, and one of the friends who had given me the game pulled out a random card. I was able to successfully answer all six of the questions on that card, leading my friends (and my wife) to declare that they weren’t sure that they actually wanted to play it with me. :wink: I still have that game, but we have, in fact, never actually played it.

Last week over Zoom. We use the cards for the trivia questions.

2003 was probably the last year I played it. I was on my high school’s quiz bowl team and we play Trivial Pursuit for practice. Haven’t touched it or quzzing pastimes since.

The hockey questions are always Wayne Gretzky.

The last time I actually played was the year it came out. My brother and S-I-L got one for Christmas so Christmas Day we played a game and when I won nobody else had more than three wedges. So, the next game it was the two married couples as teams and me since I was still single. It was closer – one of the teams against me had five wedges. Since sports is my weak point, my brother picked S&E for my final question.

When he drew the card his face fell for a moment. "Well, it’s Entertainment, not Sports, but he won’t know it. How many drops in a dash?

Before he could list the choices I said, “Six.” He looked at the card, then glowered at me. “I read a bartender’s manual, once.”

After that they wouldn’t play me any more.

At least 20 years ago, more likely 30.

Same same. Used to be into it big time. I would dominate, and they would always have me answer all of the questions on the card to win.

But many of my friends were competitive. I played against friends who came from outside the US, and it was interesting to see where they had strengths. They seemed to always be way ahead on any geography questions.

Been years. Probably going on 20…ish?

Playing Trivial Pursuit I think actually led to a breakup with a girl I was dating, around, Christ, 30-some years ago?

We were playing with 2 other couples who were all her friends. I got the question “what are the 3 dimensions of space?” I answered, “length, width and depth”.

“Wrong-- it’s length, width and breadth.”

I said, it’s the same thing! I didn’t think I argued the point too forcefully, and one of the guys agreed with me, but I pretty quickly gave up the argument and took the loss.

Still, I think she felt like I embarrassed her in front of her friends. She treated me differently after that, and broke up with me soon after. Oh well, she was a rebound after I had broken up with a long-term girlfriend, so it was a trivial pursuit anyway…

A couple months ago. I’ve got a few versions and much to my delight, my boyfriend likes the game as much as I do. So when he’s over and we don’t have anything to do, we play a game of Trivial Pursuit.

When we were playing with the original U.S. Genus edition in the '80s, we discovered that there were, indeed, a handful of answers which seemed to come up a lot; we thus decided that the good “I have no idea” answers were John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Shirley Bassey, and Babe Ruth. :smiley: