Pie Eating Contest (Need Answer Fast!)

Well, not really so fast…

Does anyone have a suggestion or strategy for winning a pie eating contest? The time limit is 10 minutes, and scoring is awarded based on number of pies eaten. What’s the best way to score big points? The contestant is an adult man, not really an overeater in general. I don’t even know where to begin, so thoughts on both eating each pie quickly and keeping down a large amount of pie will both be welcome.

The pies are rumored to be “little three inch pies.” Flavor is unknown. Utensils are forbidden, hands should be allowed. Proceeds go to charity.

A good strategy is eating more pies than the other constestants.

I vaguely remember hearing something about eating nothing but grapes the day before. Something about it somehow expanding your stomach.

I’m sure the next post will be about how I’m wrong.

Actually, I decided to do a quick search.

Read some of this.

Ok, discerning from Pie Contests, I notice that the classical technique seems to be full face in 9 inch pies. It always seems to be a cop-out as most contestants don’t eat the full pie. Allthough, I do know that you should eat a 3 inch pie with a smear and pure fingers, within 30-60 seconds manimum. No regard to technique… just shovel it in. I think a minimum would be 14, amybe a max of 42.