Pieces of Flare

Ok, we’re having an Office Space party on Saturday, and one of the main events is still missing. Where can I buy bulk pieces of flare (buttons/pins with clever sayings on them, for those of you unfamiliar with the movie)? I tried eBay and lost a bid, but now time is running out for me to get anything delivered on time. Any clever Doper ideas? Everything I’ve seen in stores so far is pretty expensive (~$2 CN each). I want a lot of buttons because I want our guests to express themselves.

See if you have one of those party stores in your area. They have buttons and cheap crap in sets for kiddie parties.

Cheap way out–use pen & paper, color with crayons or markers, attach with safety pins.

Are you in the Northeast? Newbury Comics has some awesome buttons.

Remember, though, that it’s up to them whether they want to do the bare minimum or . . . Well, OK, some people choose to wear more, and you can encourage that. Just remember that the flair’s about fun.

Gotta go put in the Office Space DVD now. Love that movie.

You mean flair, although the alternative is quite amusing. :smiley:

Ha! You’re right - I did spell that wrong. Maybe that’s why my search results are so poor on eBay etc. :smack:

Thanks for your suggestions, so far, folks. I THINK I may have found myself a button place in Kitchener, ON. (I’m in London, ON). Cross your fingers for me.

Go to a craft store and buy yourself a button-making kit. Print up whatever you want on your buttons and make them. That is probably the easiest way to get the biggest variety.

Make it a contest and have your guests bring their own damn flair. Tell them they must have a minimum of (how many was it) to even get into the party.

Oooooh…yeahhhhh I’m going to have to go ahead and ask you come in to work on Saturday…so if you could just go ahead and be here by 9…that’d be greeeeaaaat…


I’d help, but I have all of these damn TPS reports to finish.

p.s. I’m thinking it was 23 pieces of flair.

Well, it looks like I might have to go the DIY route on the flair. I’m all outta ideas on getting premade ones for now. Thanks for your suggestions.
ps - It’s not a half day or anything

Dunno about the flair, but I suggest using red staplers as door prizes.

Dont forget the cover for those tps reports

Oh, and we’re using a new cover on the TPS reports.

I’ve noticed that you’ve been using the old ones, while we’d like you to use the new ones. It was in a memo I sent around, but I guess you didn’t read it.

I’ll just go ahead and send you that memo again.

It would be really cool for your party if you could go to a Salvation Army-type place and purchase some ancient computer or dot matrix printer or fax machine for cheap, something that probably doesn’t even work anymore, and then have you and your guests take it out into a field and go to town on it, gangsta style.

Just make sure to clean up all the debris when you’re done!

If by some remote chance you live in the SF bay area there’s a chain store called Diddams that would be perfect for that sort of thing.

Oh, and next Friday… is Hawaiian shirt day… so, you know, if you want to you can go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.

Seventeen. If you want to do the absolute minimum, that is. We do encourage you to express yourself. You DO want to express yourself, don’t you?

Yep. On the evite I said that it’s Hawaiian shirt day. And we do, in fact, have a printer to smash. And the Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta song to play while we do it. We even have a friend with a water cooler to lend us, so we can fill it with booze. And a caked with “Happy Birthday Bill” on it. Yes, we love being corny. Good times.

Ooo Oooo I want to come!
I’ll bring my ‘jump to conclusions’ mat!

I was planning on dropping by, but I got onto the highway and every time I changed lanes the traffic came to a complete stop and the other lanes flew past me. I got frustrated and now I’m back at work.