My new button maker

After months and months of purchasing expensive buttons to pin onto my backpack, I finally got a button maker. I’ve already made some pins featuring my favourite bands, but here’s where my fellow dopers come into play.

What are some good sayings/words to put onto a button?

Keep in mind they’re only one inch in diameter so it’s limited.




Do you mean ‘badge’?

I guess…

Here, we call them a variety of things.



Button Pins

Punk Pins

“You know, those round metal dealies”

I tend to think of badges as those iron on things to put on plain t-shirts. But hey, if that’s what it’s called, then yes… I need some suggestions to make my “badges”.

I call those things buttons too, but when I read your thread title, I thought of little buttons on shirts.

I’m just a little curious; how do you make the buttons? Do you just print out what you want on a piece of paper, cut it, then stamp it out to form the button?

I can’t think of any sayings off the top of my head, but pictures of you and your friends would be nice.

Um… my dad has an old button that says “Drop your tether.” I have no idea what it means or what it’s about.

We don’t need no stinking badges!

Somebody had to say it…

Something like that.

It’s really just a toy I picked up from Toys R Us yesterday. But despite the fact that it’s a toy, it produces great results. It looks something like this

After I cut out my design and what not, I place it in the slot and turn the knob and then place the back into the other slot and turn the knob again and unturn it and a nifty looking button pops out.

Problem right now is that I have to do my designs by hand unless I want them to be in black and white. My brother has yet to install our colour printer. We bought it on boxing day, 2001 :rolleyes:

Bummer dude. It’s already obsolete…:wink:

My sister just got one of those today for her birthday (7th.) I am so commandeering it.

One of my favorite buttons just says
“cats bark”.
Maybe some Dopers might let you use their sig lines on a button, if you ask nicely, hint, hint.

Most Doper sigs wouldn’t fit on a 1 inch button unless they were printed in 4 point font. But I’ve always thought that the best slogan for a button was something that created a thought which leads to a mental image, like the aforementioned tether and barking cat pins. So:

  • My head has a hinge.
  • Which way is up?
  • 2 Wrongs != Right. 2 Rights = U Turn
  • I see you :smiley: (Yes, put in a big grin.)
  • Spork!

I don’t mind if you smoke if you don’t mind if I shit in your shoe

Good God, that thing looks like my ex-mother-in-law.

Well, depends on what you mean by obsolete. If you mean outdated, it was outdated when we bought it. But it works fines… if my brother would install it. All we have is the black and white laser printer right now grumble grumble

Btw, I’m dissapointed in the results. Of all the witty dopers on this MB, I only get a few witty responses?

For shame.

Sorry, 7 up, I wasn’t making fun. Just venting on my disdain for the short life-span of computer periphials.

I wish I had some suggestions for buttons but I am completely blank in that respect…

-RUN…demon babies!
-Evil babies! (I think I got babies on the brain)
-Sweet Buddah on a stick!
-Will sleep for $
-Love me Dammit
-Twitchy freak

Overused but still have SOME appeal:
-Worship me
-Clowns scare me

…okay wow these suddenly look really lame. Oh well…covers eyes and clicks “submit”

How About some of my old favorites like …

“You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.”

“I’m not as think as you stoned I am.”

“Don’t Panic”

International symbol for NO (red circle with slash) over the letter “L” - Only good at Christmas time.

“This space left unintentionally blank”

How about going for the Dick Tracy style and make one that simply says “Button”?

My sister-in-law has a t-shirt with a saying I’ve always liked: “Take me drunk, I’m home.”

Make some SMDB-centric buttons with classic lines from our beloved forums:

“Invisible Pink Unicorn”
“1920s-style Death Ray”
“Gotcha Ya!”
“I burning your dog”
“Hi Opal”
“Horrible Toilet Volcano”
“Prehensile Rectum”
“Monkey Butler”
“Duck Lips”

How about one with the All-Seeing Eye of Sauron? Or the White Hand of Saruman? I’d pay $0.50 for one of those if they’re well done.