Pierced Dopers! Buying jewelry online?

background: I’ve had my eyebrow pierced and one nipple. Both have since been removed. I had my earlobes pierced with small gauge holes when I was 10.

I want to buy body jewelry type CBRs (captured ball rings) for my ears. I do not want to stretch the holes if possible, so I’m thinking 18 gauge is the largest I can go. Is it possible for me to put these in myself with out special tools? I can’t see why not, but I’d hate to buy the jewlery and then not be able to wear it.

I’m looking for good, trustworthy online sites to buy some anodized titanium CBRs and some different balls for different looks. Anyone out there have experience, good or bad?

The capture ball pieces of jewelry are a little tricky to get fastened, but all in all you shouldn’t have any problems. I have long nails so trying to get the holes on the bead lined up to the wire is a pain. The jewelry I have are either the capture ball types or one end screws on the bar. Just an FYI I have my belly button pierced.

I normally buy from: Fashion Hut and so far have had no problems with getting items or having to return a waist chain that was broken when I received it. Not sure if any of the items she has would work for the eyebrows but she does have a large selection.


You should be okay with 16g as well as 18g (because I don’t know how many different styles of CBR you’ll be able to get in 18g). Most regular ear piercings are already large enough for 16g. I know I was able to put in 16g earrings with no trouble or pain into my regularly pierced ears (I now wear 10g plugs, and I only had a little bit of pain when I went from 12g to 10g.). Also, you should have no trouble getting the bead onto small gauge CBRS. It starts getting hard around 12g or so. I suggest you check out tonguestud.com.

wow. tonguestud.com is a great site!

Now… to decide which color…