Pierced tongues...

So, I’m getting my tongue pierced next wednesdsay, on a school field trip to West Edmonton Mall. (I particularily like the fact that I’m doing it on a SCHOOL trip. Rebel rebel…) and seeing as how I’m not 18, and not really allowed to have it done in the first place(but thats not the point) I was wondering, from people that already have it done, if you could tell me some tricks on how to keep it hidden and such.
I’m going to get one that is as little as possible… I just got my braces off and I have a retainer, and I’m thinking I can just be like, “I’m talking funny because of my retainer”. Of course, there’s always the possibility that it’l click against it… But anyways. Any tips? And does it REALLY hurt like hell?

Your life would be a lot easier if you obtained permission from your parents first, or at least some sign that they wouldn’t care one way or another. That’s more or less what I did. Plus you would avoid any disappointment if it turned out the shop refused to do it without permission.

Also, be sure you’re having it done in a reputable shop, where you can ensure the needle and jewelry are autoclaved (sterilized) in order to avoid infection. Don’t be too proud to walk out if the place is skeevy.

Finally, be warned that tongue pierces can be extremely damaging to your teeth.

It does not hurt that bad, but you may have a very hard time keeping it hidden. The first time I got it done my tongue was swollen for about a week. It also took a while before I could pronounce the letter S correctly afterwards.

Ok, while I love my tongue piercing and would usually not discourage anyone from getting one, here comes a little straight-up advice:

  1. If whatever shop you’re planning on going to follows the law, you will NOT be able to get your tongue pirced without parental permission if you are under 18. This will probably lead you to go to an underground shop to get it done, and this means the shop is more likely to be unsterile and/or the piercer is inexperienced, leading to crooked piercings, wrong placement on the tongue, PAINFUL OOZING INFECTION, etc. Dude, let me just say I HAVE FRIENDS who did just that, and they severely regret it. Scar tissue in your tongue isn’t fun or sexy.

  2. You wear a retainer? It all depends on how you place your tongue when you talk, but I could forsee a LOT of discomfort and irritation from the barbell constantly hitting up against it, especially while it’s healing. You’d probably be better off waiting until your retainer-wearing days are over. Not to mention that the barbell could actually damage the retainer itself…how durable are retainers these days, anyhow?

  3. It doesn’t hurt. The worst part is the initial swelling. Give it motrin and ice cubes the first few days and then be sure to use a 50-50 listerine/water solution (not STRAIGHT listerine, it kills the cells that are healing) until it’s fully healed. NO BODILY FLUIDS of any kind during the healing process.

  4. Probably the smallest one they’ll give you is a 14g, I’ve never heard of anything smaller than this making for a “safe” tongue piercing (likely 5/8" long to allow for the swelling). Best way to keep it hidden? Don’t open your mouth. :smiley:

  5. For further questions, and a place that will probably be able to give you the straight dope on the whole retainer thing, try the Body Modification E-Zine (WARNING: This site contains graphic nudity and “disturbing” images - but it’s all in the name of art). But be warned that they’ll tell you the same thing I did about either obtaining parental permission or waiting till you’re 18.

I did mine the DAY I turned 18 - mom didn’t like it, but she couldn’t tell me “no” either!

  1. I don’t think you’ll be able to hide it - it’s simply too much of a PITA to have to remember not to open your mouth too widely. And then there’s the tongue swelling & the possiblity of a temporary speech impediment as you get used to the piercing. Mine was swollen for a few days.

  2. As others have said, a reputable shop is the only kind of shop you want to go to, but a reputable shop won’t take underaged clients. So, I would suggest that you hang on to that desire until you’re legal or until you can work up the courage to ask your folks to grant permission.

Any reputable piercer is not going to do it for you if you’re under 18 and your parent(s) are not there to sign the consent form. Best to get the parent(s) on board with it, or wait until you’re 18.

Mine did not hurt, and only swelled up a little bit for the first day or so. I used plain, straight Listerine after eating, drinking or smoking and three times a day for a couple of weeks. Food can be tricky while it’s still swollen because you tend to accidentally bite or chew it while trying to eat, so sticking with soft stuff worked well for me.

Another thing is you have to keep other people’s germs away from it. This means no kissing and no oral sex until it is healed. The last thing you want is a very nasty infection and a barbell that has to be cut out of your pus oozing tongue.

My advice, it’s a bad idea to try to sneak this. You risk nasty infections (and things like Hepatitis or HIV) from unsterile equipment. I recommend piercers who are trained and certified, and it can’t hurt to get the word of mouth from previous clients of theirs. Ask a lot of questions, make sure that they autoclave all of their equipment and even more preferable are the places that don’t reuse the needles. They should be able to throughouly and adequately answer your questions as well as provide you with written instructions for the after care.

And if they don’t ask for ID, you don’t want them sticking needles in your body.

  1. Given my and your mother’s predisposition to INFECTED PIERCINGS, do you think this is a good idea? Go ahead, ask her what happened when she had her navel pierced. Or when I had my upper ear pierced. It was not pretty, it involved antibiotics and scarring in both instances.

  2. It will interfere with your retainer.

  3. It will interfere with your speech.

  4. Your parents will freak out. Not just your mom and dad, but step-mom to be, and all the grandparents.

Just wait a bit, and get it done when you’re on your own. Once you are not living under their roof (don’t get technical with me, you’re still in your parents’ care), then you can do what you want.

Well, as it happens, I wouldn’t be able to get the money for it anyways. But now I know what to expect. Thanks!

Just for the record, Kim told me last night that the piercing age in Alberta is 16. She and her metal-studded face oughta know. However, I still strongly suggest you discuss it with your parents beforehand.

I’m glad the decision has been taken out of your hands.

Dang it. That was me. But I’m sure Dave would agree.