Pierre as a guitarist, name the band?

Alright, so there’s this guy who comes to the local game store named Pierre and claims to have played guitar for a band which had two top 10 hits. But he staunchly refuses to say anything further, such as the band name.

So does anyone happen to have any knowledge of a band who had a guitarist named Pierre (I don’t know his last name).

No idea. But if you search
All Music Guide you may be able to find it.

Good luck.

I tried the AMG, it wasn’t too helpful with just a first name. There weren’t very many Pierres who were listed as “rock” players, but I’m not sure that by itself would rule out the guy in question.

Not a big rock star name, the only Pierre I can think of plays bass for Rilo Kiley. Sounds like total BS IMO. I for one made 4 million dollars playing drums on a rap standard from the early 90s.