Pill-takers: is your sex drive present? (TMI)

Hey, don’t you know that is how the birth control pill works? By eliminating the sex drive, a woman won’t want to have sex, thereby eliminating the possibility of pregnancy!

Seriously though, the pill has never seemed to affect me–but then again, I have been on the pill for the past 10 years, so who knows? I don’t really remember what my sex drive was like back then, I was only 17. Oh wait, it’s all coming back to me now–yeah I was horny then and remain so to this day! So no, it hasn’t hurt my sex drive. Also, I am on Ortho Tricyclen and it has never made me feel moody.

Frankly, it sounds like the pills weren’t the culprit, then.

Thats not the way mine worked. My worked by making my period last a whole god damn month. That meant no sex. And therefore eliminating the posibility of pregnancy.