Pillars of Eternity official thread!

Damn the 8 year old in me who hates being told to wait is front and center. I was actually considering firing up BG to fill the Jones, 19 hours before release.

I’m thinking of doing a little bit of icewinddale :wink:

It’s up to the #1 slot now on Steam! Number 1 in GMG, #1 in GOG and #1 on Steam :wink:


In case you want something to do:

Here are some portraits to add to the game on release:

I’ve been playing Icewind Dale Enhanced anyway. It’s actually made me mad at freemium games all over again. I just recently acquired the Axe of the Minotaur Lord. You know how? By playing the goddamned game! I killed the Minotaur Lord, and it didn’t cost me any extra real-world money. In a freemium game, shit a lot less cool than that costs extra. In the Simpsons game, it’s about ten bucks to acquire the Homer car from that one episode. I recently paid $1 for the same Homer car in actual physical form at my local grocery store. I can have Thunderbird 4 for $10.

Right, so what’s a cipher who is so tempting to people who would otherwise play rogues?

The whole world of Pillars of Eternity is permeated by the study and use of souls. It’s religion and science and lots of various groups have sought ways to control, bind or otherwise use souls in order to do all manner of things. Wizards use them to cast spells, paladins to create auras, and ciphers, follow int he footsteps of an old order called mind hunters. They use souls to control the minds and souls of others.

They’re kind of like psionics, but their affects aren’t limited to just the mind. Great controllers basically. The cool thing about them is that they appear to have a lot of cool dialogue options in the game, given their special connection to souls and the mind.

Not that I was planning to stay up or anything, but I just noticed that they aren’t releasing the game tonight at midnight, but tomorrow at noon. Bastages! Of all the weeks to give up being an axe murderer!

Dear Og, that’s a ton of portraits! Thank you. I’m sure they’re all horrific IP violations, but they’re really nice.

Can’t be sure without investigating, but there’s a long history of developing potraots for use in the Infinity Engine games, and this uses almost the exact same style. People created massive hundreds-of-pages-long posts filled with them.

I’m actually surprised that there are so few of those I think I’ve seen before, because the Infinity Engine portraits see a lot of recycling.

Hey, everyone. I don’t post on here much. I am the Lead Producer on this game. I hope we were able to deliver an experience that will bring you guys back to the Infinity Engine classics.

We have all been blown away at how well the game has been received by people.

All day I have been sending out notifications and screenshots from the Steam and GOG top sellers list. :wink:

Really looking forward to experiencing what you guys created here, thanks from a long time fan, for taking a chance on kickstarter and on these types of games!

Hope you guys are celebrating today :wink:

Reviews are trickling in!

Rock Paper Shotgun is calling it a “…triumph. A wonderful, enormous and spellbinding RPG, gloriously created in the image of BioWare’s Infinity classics, but distinctly its own. A classic in every sense.”

PC Gamers Says: “This is a big, fat, deep adventure that lets you carve your own unique path through a fantasy world that’s been brilliantly brought to life with rich, evocative writing. It’s a game steeped in a bygone era of computer RPG design, but somehow it doesn’t feel archaic. Obsidian have always been bound to other peoples’ worlds—Fallout, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, South Park—but in creating their own from scratch, they’ve made not only their best game to date, but one of the best RPGs on PC.”


So good :slight_smile:

Literally the only thing I liked better about my last job is that it was a lot easier to clear my schedule for a couple of days when a big game came out. This weekend can’t come fast enough!

I did not play the Beta too much, or really at all. I am looking forward to a new experience with the game. I’m downloading it now and hopefully I will have it all by the time the game goes live.

I can’t remember what name I used for the perk. Hopefully it won’t be too small to read.

The game is sitting at a steamy 93 metacritic average. Can it beat Bloodborne?

Debating on whether going early to lunch to stimmy the jimmies by watching some video reviews, or going late so as to make the second half of the day shorter…

Well, damn. Now I’ve got to remember not to say anything mean about the Lead Production.

Aaand… unlocked.

AAAAAhhhhhh! Just 4 more hours for me!!

Cursed full employment!

Hmmm, never did get around to playing in the beta or anything, but I have it loaded now. And I have to decide if I want to play it tonight, or wait a day or two for all of the physical stuff to arrive, cloth map, etc to get the full experience.