Pillars of Eternity official thread!

Discarding the previous thread about the backer beta since we’re officially two days away from the best RPG since BG2!!!

Backer and pre-order keys are due to go out today. There’ s a ton of streams and youtube videos out on the game. I’d stay clear of anything past the first 30 minutes or so though!

Kotaku’s impressions so far sound super sweet: http://kotaku.com/were-really-digging-pillars-of-eternity-1693310820
The game is also #1 on GOG, #1 on GMG and number #3 on Steam right now. I’m hoping it can topple Skylines on release… I love me some skylines, but it’s time to move aside baby, the king is coming :wink:

ANyone got plans for their characters yet? I’m still undecided on going rogue with dual swords, or cypher with a bow… Man, I think I’m going to be spending at least an hour just in building up my character :slight_smile:

I always have to try the newest race, so whatever I am it will be Godborn.

I’m really looking forward to this game. I’m likely to start off with an Aumaua Monk, to work through the storyline with the default companions. For a later run, I’ve been thinking about building an all-Chanter party.

Godlike are too weird to my tastes.

As far as class, I have to decide if I should make what I want to play, or if I should make what I assume they will nor offer as a suitable companion.

For example it seems like every RPG offers a very good rogue companion early, as well as a good two-hander or a good sword’n’board. But they always have crap for healers, and oddly speced wizards.

Weird is good :slight_smile:

I’ll spoiler it in case you want to go in blind but the classes not represented by companions are:

Monk, rogue and barbarian

Also part 2 of the “Road to Eternity” is up: Pillars of Eternity: The Road to Eternity - Part 2 - YouTube

The feels man, the feels :slight_smile:

It occurred to me I haven’t done much to explain the game to those who might not be in the know.

Pillars of Eternity is a spiritual successor to the BG/Icewind Dale/PLanescape Torment infinity engine games of the late nineties/early 2000’s, made by Obsidian, the guys involved in the creation of some of those game, as well as stuff like Knights of the Old Republic 2, Fallout 3 new Vega, NWN 2’s mask of the betrayer. Like those games, the emphasis is on world building through a compelling narrative that responds to your choices, companions with backgrounds and agendas of their own, deep lore poring out of every item, roaming character, area that you uncover, etc. It’s about transporting you to another world in the style and manner that PnP games used to do. By letting you prod and experiment with various facets of the world and watching the consequences unfold.

Combat is similar to BG, but it’s not pseudo turned base nor is it D&D. IT’s an entirely new combat mechanic built form the ground up for the game, but that still feels like the old games. You will control a party of up to 6 characters and you need to be smart about where and how to deploy their various abilities, as well as control their positioning to take advantage of terrain and flanking or crowd control opportunities.
This is probably going to be RPG for the year for me if not GOTY.

Manual is up on Steam:


My MiL chose this week for a cruise to celebrate her 80th. I’ll be a week behind. :frowning: No spoilers anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, i think you might be better off staying of the thread…

Just sayin’…

Those of us who backed this on Kickstarter can now get our keys off the portal site and start preloading the game on Steam (which unlocks tomorrow, at some currently unknown point).

Here’s is a thread with instructions -

You can can get a code for GoG or for Steam, but not both.
If you have not created your account at the portal page or confirmed your pledge there, you’ll need to do that first. Here are instructions for that _

Happy Gaming!

I’m all pre-loaded guys!

The download is about 7 gigs. Took off on Friday to play this game, but I don’t know if the wife will let me or if I’ll have to help with Kin jr more since I’m not at work :wink: I wish he could play with me!

Why can’t he? Too young still?

Downloading this right now as well. Back when I Kickstarted this I had far better economical situation, so it’s nice to receive a gift from the past me. I’m not sure if I’d be able to buy this at full price.

Yeah, he’s only 14 months. Last time I put him on my lap in front of the keyboard he managed to almost post a video to facebook though, so who knows!

Still haven’t decided between Rogue or Cipher, ad now I’m also interested in a ranger or possibly a druid. The latter’s wereforms are bad-ass, and I like the idea of my ranger getting bonuses when attacking whatever his animal companion is attacking. I might end up replaying the prologue a couple of times through with different characters.

I didn’t follow the various messages and posts I got about the game. I realize this was presented as a service to me, and as an assurance that Obsidian didn’t just dump our money in a Scrooge McDuck pool and were just swimming around in it, but basically I just trusted that they were making the game they told me they were making and I’d find out more when it was released. Now I find I’m already behind on the lore before the game is released.

I was amused that Divinity: Original Sin sold so well outside the gamers who already paid into the Kickstarter. I mean, the reason for the Kickstarter campaign to begin with was that investors don’t like to invest in that style of game anymore because they think they can’t attract enough sales. All the company really needed was for the core group of enthusiasts to pay upfront, and they could afford to pay everybody’s salaries and keep the lights on while they made the game they really wanted to make. If everybody and the company is getting paid, and the customers are getting what they want, that’s a very sustainable business model.

But sales exceeded the hardcore crowd, enough to make them #1 for a while. That right there is pure gravy. And this tends to demonstrate that these games do have a broad appeal that investors didn’t believe they had. I feel good.

Of course, the amount of time it took for Double Fine to finally produce the second half of its famously blockbuster Kickstarter game may serve as a counter-point. I’m not impatient, and I certainly don’t feel like I’ve been screwed, but the second half of the game has only just gone gold (now, Double Fine? Pillars of Eternity starts tomorrow) and it appears that they depended on later sales to finish the game.

Oh, speaking of Now? – Inquisition DLC! I sure wanted that a month ago, boy howdee. Two weeks ago. A scant few days ago. Two days before Pillars of Eternity? Uuuuum…

They stealthed released that DLC, which doesn’t bode well. No official reviews of it that I can find, but unofficial murmurs are that it’s more fetch quests, not much story, and nothing to do with the cliffhanger of the game.

Might pick it up after PoE… although by the time I’m done with it, I’ll probably be playing Witcher 3 next… I think it might be a DA2 situation where I never got around to playing the DLC (which apparently was pretty good).

I’m hoping Pillars does very well in sales. I want this genre of games to continue to flourish. Divinity was excellent and turned out to be very popular (I think over a million sales), Wasteland 2 did ok, and was great, but suffered a bit with bugs and balance issues. If this baby, it’s expansion and Tides of Numanera can keep the momentum going, the future looks bright!

Kind of sucks that Sony’s juggernaut marketing for Bloodborne is dampening the much more modest effort from Paradox for this game though :frowning: Bad timing. Still, I’m not too worried!

Well, it doesn’t look like the kind of DLC good for a replay anyway. It is for a finished game. Sensible from a marketing position, of course.

Well, Pillars of Eternity is now installed, waiting to unlock. I’ve waited two years without giving it a thought, and suddenly this morning I can’t stand not playing.

Tomorrow is going to be a looooong day.

… aaannd it’s overtaken Cities Sylines now on the Steam top sellers list, yay!

Looks like there’s just GTA V to beat now. You can do it!

Anybody else going to be checking hourly tonight, just in case the accidentally release it early?