Pilot: I'm having an... emergency. Yeah, that's the ticket!

A pilot apparently intentionally lands his airplane on a beach in Queens after watching Flying Wild Alaska. Link with audio available.

Rule Number One: Don’t be a jerk.

What an idiot!

I learned to fly at NAS North Island in San Diego. Our approach back to the base required us to follow the bay , staying to the left to avoid the international airport. And it just happened that as soon as we flew over the Coronado Bridge, there was often an aircraft carrier sitting right there.

I halfway wished I’d have to declare an emergency and land on the carrier - I knew I could do it! :smiley: And I was also pretty sure my butt would be in a sling if I ever did…

Yeah, I don’t think he’s going to be a pilot much longer.

Sheesh, I wish I had that kind of money to burn.

Here I thought it was this guy, who landed his plane on a golf course because his son was running late for a tennis game, and the next year landed in a farmer’s field claiming mechanical problems. At least I’m pretty sure he wasn’t interfering with traffic at a major international airport, unlike the jerk linked to in the OP.

Hey, guys - while looking into this a bit at the request of some friends I found this article which alleges he had a seizure two days after the landing and was whisked to the hospital.

He may be neither a jerk nor irresponsible but possibly someone with something organic/medical wrong in his brain. And if he did have a seizure his piloting career has ended more definitely than bending the rules ever could.

If true, then that puts his actions in a different light.

Yes, it does - which is one of the reasons I’ve linked to that article on several boards. If his brain is malfunctioning then an impulsive beach landing where no one was hurt and nothing was broke may have been one of the better possible outcomes.

This is true. If that’s what’s going on, I hope for his best recovery.

Recovery or no, seizures are disqualifying. His flying days are over.

Yeah, I had a friend - a former EMT - who used to fly. One day, he was in a vehicular collision and had a head injury. I think he had a seizure or two while at the hospital, but he also had very painful headaches. So, no more flying for him. Sucks, but I totally understand why.