Pilot on a hot mike

According to Reddit, here’s a slightly obscured version of what he said:

Actual recording:

The pilot was actually just practicing the monologue for a community theater production of Glengarry Glen Ross.

“Coffee is for closers! Put down that coffee!”


If the pilot wants me to go on an expletive-laden tirade against coal rollers, I would gladly leave it on his voice mail.

What I don’t get is when Hyundai cars became symbolic of liberal Californians. I could see Teslas maybe or the Prius. But a Hyundai?

It was me. I bought a Hyundai and I put a “coexist” bumper sticker on it.

Or maybe it was the “Eve was framed” one?

Maybe 'cuz Hyundai is harder to spell and seems more foreign.

According to HuffPo, “coal rolling” = adding excess fuel to a diesel engine (presumably on a jacked-up pickup) so it emits black smoke. Sounds like a real charmer, this guy. Stolen from one of the pertinent tweets: Southwest should ask him where he was on Jan 6.

Schadenfreude: Southwest says they are “dealing with the matter” internally – they are not happy. Meanwhile the FAA is involved because gibbering between pilots below 10,000 ft on matters unrelated to flight safety is against the rules. This Trumpist is not likely to be enjoying a promotion any time soon.

And here’s what some people are saying. (Well, one person.)

I love how everybody’s just assuming this was a pilot with a hot mic. Happened on the ground frequency at San Jose… this literally could have been anyone from mechanic fixing a radio on test bench to some lunatic in the parking ramp with a handheld transceiver. But nope… all we get is, “OMG!!! Can you believe what that pilot said on the RaDIo??? Pilots aren’t suppose to have any conversations that aren’t flight related during taxi and takeoff! The FAA said so!!! So unprofessional!! They need to hunt them down and fire them immediately!! RhEeeeeeeeee…”

I had understood the evidence that it was the pilot to be that the same voice was heard referring to his flight number being ready to taxi either shortly before or after the offending comments, but I may have that detail wrong.

And if at all possible, in the “face” of a Tesla or Prius or other “liberal” car. because appaerntly real men like pollution. I guess republicans can filter particulates with their teeth or something. Emphysema is a liberal plot.

That is also my understanding.

Also (NB: almost all of my flying has been out of Van Nuys, Santa Monica, and Fox Airfield), I’ve never heard ground vehicles or mechanics on the ground frequency. I’ve also never heard a nutjob on a handheld tranciever. (Unless you count my instructor during my hover solo. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I know someone who modified a Honda CBR motorcycle to shoot extra flames out of the exhaust, but the political philosophy there seems to have been, “fire is cool”.

What is it with Southwest pilots? Couple of years ago, another SW pilot was caught complaining about all the “gays, grannies and grandes” in his flight crew. Does Southwest have some sort of asshole affirmative action program?

Really? IANAP, but I listen to those VASAvation videos of ATC chatter, and it’s not uncommon to hear ground vehicles requesting permission to cross runways, or being directed to do a sweep for debris, or aid a stricken airplane.

I was wondering that myself, no idea that was what he was referring to. WTF. I’m not sure I’d want to be flown by someone who knows so little about how engines work to think that kind of BS is a good idea. "Good evening ladies and gentleman, the good news is I totally stuck to the libs by dumping all our fuel over one of their precious snowflake ‘marine conservation areas’, the bad news is we are about to crash into the Atlantic Ocean. "

Sometimes they get carried away.

(2:51 for the BOOM!)

Pilot on a hot mike
I know, I know
It’s serious

A most satisfactory display!

I laughed!

And you REALLY have super-big balls when you’re rolling coal in a jet!

But in all seriousness… damn I’m fucking sick of cancel culture. The guy who said it is an asshole but that’s no reason to ruin his life. I hope he is disciplined but not fired. I live in the Bay Area and I’m one of the ones he’s bitching about but as long as he safely lands the plane and doesn’t bust out that stupid shit to me in person, I’m ok.

I came here to say that! D’oh!