"Pimping Out MLK Jr." or "How Fred Astaire Got His Groove Back!"

[This is not really a rant, therfore it meets it’s home here in happy MPSIMS]
Few years ago, Fred Astaire came back to our screens! during the super bowl. [sub]vacumming.[/sub]


[dancing and humming] I’m cleaning up my ass lint… hhmmm hhmmmm. Get that tampon in the corner… hhmmmmm hmmmmm. [/dancing]

This hit me as odd, but it wasn’t like he was hawking 2000 flushes. It also helped that Fred’s family had given the okay, but still… in the back of my mind this seemed kind of wrong.

God knows what they could have me selling after I die. No one wants to see my mug asking you about rectal bleeding 20 years after I go. Lucille Ball could be hawking Jack Daniels through the magic of alteration of her Vitametavegamin bit. Even Jim Carrey suggested that his ass-talking gag could be selling bubble tape™ in years to come.

Ok, this isn’t tooooo bad. We have entertainers hawking crap, hell, we have Christopher Reeve walking. A bit iffy with some people but it doesn’t cross any lines, maybe.

But Martin Luther King Jr. selling DSL and wireless phones? Come on now. The commercials are in good taste, but seriously now, do you really need Martin Luther King Jr. to sell something? The man devoted his life to equal rights and died in doing so, a bit more respect should be given here. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to become a human sock puppet for a sick ventrilloquist once I die.

I don’t think I am making too bug of a deal to me, it just makes me cringe when they come on.

Anyone else agree?

ggr. too big of a deal.