Pin hole glasses, do they strengthen eyes?

Inspired by " I didn’t ask to go blind" thread, I did a web search into lasik and eye surgery. I found a sight touting the importance of eye exercizes before doing costly surgery and naturally promoting a product.

We’ve all seen this product over the years, the sun glasses that look like they have a pin holes all over the lenses. You are suppose to wear them for a couple of minutes, eventually up to a couple of hours a day to help strengthen your eyeballs.

Sounds like a can of hooey, to me, but I was wondering,has anyone ( or known anyone) whose 1) tried these glasses 2) tried eye exercizes to strengthen their eyes.

I will raise my hand to the second: my cousin (35 years old) suffers from an inheirited eye disorder ( I forget what it is called) but after just a few moments of reading, his eyes are really tired and seem to spaz out. It causes great headaches and learning difficulties because of not being able to read for very long.

After years of doctors and being told many different things, like you need to have surgery, you need ridalyn, get use to it, I’m stumped, etc… (Their 9 year old son has the same problem.)he just figured he would have to live with it.

Then, he was visiting a friend whose 8 year old son suffered the same symptons. (Just like his own son does) and this Doctor recommended a doctor back here in Michigan for him to see. He now goes to therapy with his son once a week ( not covered by insurance) and they do eye exercizes and some other stuff. He says he can feel the difference and his son doesn’t cry anymore when it comes time for reading assignments. ( The parents took all the info they could to the school because the eye specialist said alot of people are misdiagnosed as ADD because of this disorder.)

I always wanted to try wearing a pair of these, just to see what it was like. It’d probably be fun to whip out a pair of these at a party sometime. :smiley:

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.