Pineapple propagation

By what method do pineapple plants go about making new plants?

SWAG–the pineapple is like an appleapple (yes, that’s a joke), the seeds are in the core of the fruit.

Here is just one of many, many websites brought up when I put in “pineapple propagation”.

So it work like grapes, ivy, etc.–just plant bits of it and they grow. I knew that.


Learned more than I needed to know about pineapples while leading visiting rellys around Hawaii.

You hack off the top and plant it. About a year later migrant workers go through the fields wearing heavy clothes and gloves (in HAWAII!!!) and cut off the grown pineapple. 18 months later the workers do the same thing. Two years later they do the same thing. (It takes that long for the 2nd and 3rd crops of pineapples to grow.)

Then the burn the fields and a heavy, sickly-sweet-burnt smell hangs over central Oahu for a few days and they start all over again.

If you’re ever on Oahu the Dole Plantation is a pretty cool place to visit…dozens of different strains of pineapple growing in sample plots with descriptions.

Don’t buy anything there, though - go to the Millilani Safeway. Same stuff but at local, not tourist, prices.

The pineapple is also a distant relative of the Spanish moss (which is neither Spanish, nor a moss), which adorns many of the trees found in the lovely coastal areas of South Carolina.